Super Mario Odyssey – Is the “Impossible” Jump Possible in New Donk City?

Super Mario Odyssey – Is the “Impossible” Jump Possible in New Donk City?

Hey guys Andre here to showcase something pretty cool and Super Mario Odyssey now If you played around in New Donk City you surely notice that the only way to the mainland Seemingly is by the power wire here or the power line or whatever it is Now if you’re like me you may have also tried reaching it in other ways, which is how you quickly realized there’s only one way there via the power line Now to showcase what I mean I’m gonna try doing a jump here I get up to the top platform because it seems like this would give you the most amount of distance I’m gonna roll off here do a long jump throw my cap Dive into the cap, dive again after throwing the cap, and I still come up short sure I get close That’s not close enough so after a few attempts of this. I’m like well this has to be impossible, right There’s no way to do it Well as it turns out one of our fans on Twitter Gold pop-tart may have figured out a way around this So let’s go take a look at a video that he sent directly to us on Twitter So here it is we can see him getting into position here for his leap of faith Um it takes up a few moments here to get properly lined up like an Olympic athletes getting into the prime position just before they attempt what ever feat they’re going for And here he goes right into a ground pound in the instant speed boost roll Throwing the Hat diving into it and is he gonna make it? Is he gonna make it?
He made it! Holy crap and I love how the music kicks in to celebrate it so he pulled up you can do it So let’s go ahead and watch that again in slow motion real quick so we can see he does a ground pound that is to Speed boost into a roll he does a really long long jump off the platform before throwing his hat Diving into the Hat doing a twirl throws his hat again diving into it and onto the platform It’s pretty damn impressive So our hats off to you Gold pop-tart so speak for pulling it off because that is super impressive So if you wanna go check out yourself on Twitter we have linked to his tweet directly below Go share the love retweet and like his tweet. Just to just to show the appreciation for him pulling it off and with that thanks for watching guys in the course stay tuned to GameXplain for a lot more in super mario sea and everything else in tendo as Well catch you later bye You

100 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey – Is the “Impossible” Jump Possible in New Donk City?

  1. I know that nobody will believe it, but I finally just made this jump. It probably took me about 300 tries. A lot of coins down the drain.

  2. I found a way to get to the building off in the distance with the rocket on it before finding the door that just brings you there!, long jump from the tallest building the the building with the pool, then for a really long long jump from the edge of the building with the pool all the way to the one with the rocket

  3. I’ve discovered 5 ways to do the impossible jump in NDC! It’s on my Twitter, @waat74official. No one follow me so it doesn’t seem like I’m plugging myself

  4. You actually only showed someone do what you said YOU WERE GOING TO DO, and then YOU get paid for it. All the money should go to GoldPoptart that you gte from this video.

  5. I confirmed it is possible! I did it my self with a tip from the pros! Cappy roll jump 45°! And I had 1 or 2 marios of length left

  6. I got through the entire Lost Kingdom without TOUCHING THE GROUND!!! With one exception that could be considered touching the ground. There are two ways of doing this, one, go through the entire kingdom and figure it out yourself, its easy at the beginning, and the tutorial for the shortcut version is on my channel! It shows the hard part at the end. The long way, go from the top of the Oddysey, across the trees towards the main part of the level, and to the right of the land bridge leading into the main part of the level, there is a cross bones sign, jump onto that and onto the tree in front of it, then jump onto the group of rocks and from there you can probably figure it out, sorry for the long comment, I have been doing this for a week so I really hope you try it! Keep up the great work!

  7. It's very useless to long jump after a full momentum roll. Long jumps set your momentum to a set number when you do them so yeah. It's very very easy if you start with a cappy roll jump instead of a long jump
    Cappy roll jumps consists of pressing and holding x -> then press b/a, -> ground pound (Zl/Zr) -> pressing y (full momentum roll onto cappy). You keep your momentum when you do a cappy roll jump ( full momentum roll vault ) since vaults ( when you bounce of cappy while you're on the ground ) aren't coded to set your speed to a specific level.

  8. For those who don’t know, mario can perform what is known as a cappy roll jump where he throws cappy does a groundpound roll onto cappy and does the dive throw bounce dive throw technique

  9. seriously I wish they'd made this area like 50 times bigger.I was a little dissapointed when I discovered its only a handful of streets wide were as I wanted to spend hours and hours exploring and climbing the buildings

  10. i was ganna make an opinion when i realize there is this disabled brain dead rat ganna call me autistic for having an opinion

  11. I just figured this put now I'm here seeing if anyone else didxD..also the midair twirl and ground pound roll are unnecessary you can do it just running and longjumping off the same spot

  12. Now we can just casually roll cancel triple jump, cap throw, downwards motion, twirl, Cappy dive, Cappy dive, and get like 5 billion meters away from the ledge.

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