100 thoughts on “Super Mario 64 – Skip Endless Stairs Glitch

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  2. I can only get him to jump over n over gaining speed then once it starts glitching he turns around instantly and stops dead

  3. A fun fact about the music is that it is actually constantly being repeated in the same tone however we are tricked by hearing it in a higher pitch each time. It’s called shepherds tone.

  4. This glitch is almost impossible!😳 I can’t succeed as an inveterate player and as a Super Mario player, let’s figure out who else can do it… Olny very few gamers in the world would say!😳

  5. Fact: the music is in the style of a shepherd tone which a track that tricks into believing that it goes bigger and kouder while in reality there are three types of tone ladders where the first ome resets when another reaches the top.

  6. Bowser: Impossible! How do you go up the endless stairs without at least 70 sta-

    Mario: S O L O N G G A Y B O W S E R ! T H A N K Y O U S O M U T C H F O R T O P L A Y I N G M Y G A M E

  7. Imagine if the stairs to heaven had a massive queue, but then you just see this guy in red and blue just stars jumping backwards up the stairs and gains immense speed so much so that he ends up travelling between parellel universes.

    “What a twat.”

  8. Bowser: Oh? You're approaching me?
    Mario: I can't get that Power Star without bombing your ass.

  9. 0:06 nah don't like stairs I'll just make myself go negative speed to push me backwards fast so I don't have to use the stairs because of a developer oversight where they forgot to put a speed cap on how negative your speed can be

  10. My friend and I always play this game in computer class and can't beat some levels and now I see how they are done and I feel so stupid because they are so easy!😂. Fireboy and Watergirl is great game on hudgames


    Bowser: "WHAT!?..MARIO-"

    Mario: "YAHOOOOO!!"

    *Bowser.Exe has stopped working*

  12. A guy did the endless staircase for 24hours and something happen the same thing that you did and I think the hole time it was a staircase treadmill the hole time do you believe me because when glich fish did the glich the staircase was small😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

  13. This is a great trick for speedrunners! Might want to try for myself next time! Does this glitch work with DS version or did the programmers removed it?

    Bowser: Gets pushed by mario into the lava and fricking dies


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