Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks First Super Bowl Win | Seahawks vs. Broncos | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks First Super Bowl Win | Seahawks vs. Broncos | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVIII: Seahawks First Super Bowl Win | Seahawks vs. Broncos | NFL Full Game

  1. 2:15 – Broncos mishandle snap, Seahawks force safety

    11:06 – Seahawks kick 31-yard FG

    27:56 – Seahawks 33-yard FG

    31:09 – Kam Chancellor intercepts Peyton Manning

    37:52 – Marshawn Lynch 2-yard rush TD

    51:07 – Peyton Manning intercepted by Malcolm Smith Returns for a 69-yard TD

    1:00:50 – Seahawks stop Broncos on 4th down

    1:05:10 – Percy Harvin returns Kickoff 87 yards for TD

    1:24:16 – Demaryius Thomas fumbles, Seahawks recovered

    1:29:13 – Russell Wilson Throws 23-yard TD pass to Jermaine Kearse.

    1:35:50 – Manning finds Demaryius Thomas for 14-yard TD

    1:43:22 – Russell Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for 10-yard TD

    1:51:26 – Broncos fail to convert on fourth down

    2:01:44 – Seahawks strip sack Manning

    2:06:44 – Pete Carroll gets the Gatorade shower

  2. First? How bout "ONLY"?😂😂 Patriots been rockin on ever since, run the damn ball next time 😂😂😂😂

  3. I'm really proud of Russel, he won Superbowl 48 and he isn't afraid to share his faith
    Can't say that about a lot of Christians, of any denomination, these days

  4. 2013 epitomized why Peyton Manning is the GOAT. He set records, and took the Broncos to the Super Bowl with a meh running game, a bad defense, Jon Fox as his Head Coach, and one weapon. #GOAT.

  5. I know it was not a good game, but as a Seahawks fan, I loved watching this. Also, Broncos couldn't even win the coin toss that night

  6. The Broncos' orange jerseys awkwardly stood out in a sea of dark blue. That was a sign it wasn't going to be their night.

  7. I get that the seahawks had the best defense and the Broncos had injured players, but denver didn't even try.

  8. I played madden against a Denver fan and of course the Seahawks flow through my family, we used to live in Washington and he said he couldn’t even talk about this game

  9. Seahawks scored 14;48 of the first quarter on the safety and 14;48 of the 3rd quarter on the Kickoff TD

  10. I'm a huge Broncos fan but damn do i miss watching Marshawn Lynch play at his peak, him and AP are my favorite RB's in my time watching the NFL. Take away Denver's turnovers and that first snap, i feel that this game could have been much closer, although i think Seattle still would have won. Now give us our Super Bowl 50 Defense and take away the turnovers in this game, then we got a winning team right there haha. Too bad we only have Von and CHJ left from those starting line-ups.

  11. People would say that this was a boring super bowl but as much as I think about it, this was a really entertaining super bowl for several reasons:

    1. The game had offense, 2 TD passes from Seattle, 1 from Denver, and a TD from Beastmode. Even Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin ran the ball in this game

    2. The game had defense. 2 INTs, 1 a pick 6, 1 forced fumble and recovered by Seattle. There were also some pass deflections and hard hits.

    3. Special teams were present too. 2 FGs and a kickoff return TD

    4. The safety at the beginning was the quickest score in SB history

    5. 2 pt conversion by the broncos as well lol

    Definitely a super bowl to forever remember by seahawk fans

  12. History of Denver getting their ass kicked in the super bowl .

    Super bowl 12 Dallas 27 Denver 10
    Super bowl 21 NYG 39 Denver 20
    Super bowl 22 Redskins 42 Denver 10
    Super bowl 24 49ers 55 Denver 10
    Super bowl 48 Seahawks 43 Denver 8

  13. Shouldn't the title be Their Only Win? The Broncos shouldn't have even been in the SB with the flaccid Manning's arm.

  14. Fun fact: now the current falcons head coach(Dan Quinn) was the sea hawks defensive coordinator during the legion of boom

  15. In my honest opinion the 2013 Seahawks had the BEST overall single season defense of all time.

    They’re doing that in an era in which the passing offenses have evolved significantly in the last 30-40 years and in which the rules are heavily favored towards offenses these days.

    What the 1985 Bears did for their time was something else but like I said the offenses have evolved and their 46 defense would get exposed badly against modern day spread offenses against fast armed QBs like Rodgers or Brady. Dan Marino torched them badly and that should give you a clue on how to beat their defense.

    The 2000 Ravens had the best run defense of all time. Yes better than the 2013 Seahawks. They took major pride in shutting down the run and they did it against a lot of 1000 yard rushers that year. I’m not entirely sold on their pass defense tho. Comparing Kerry Collins to Peyton Manning is like comparing spam to filet mignon.

    Seattles defense in that SB completely shook Peyton Manning, one of the greatest to ever play the game. He was in the midst of a record breaking season but unfortunately he had no answer for that Legion of Boom secondary!

  16. I had to watch this with my cousin who was a Broncos fan. Wasn't very fun despite Seahawks dominating it. She was sorely disappointed.

  17. The only time I’ve ever cheered for the Seahawks, I despise the team but I hate the broncos even more

  18. If they got the TD when the ball snapped over Manning that basically means, put it like this it was over since the safety

  19. Everyone doubted this seahawks team and the saying stays true defense wins championships and the fact that fox hated this hawks team makes it even better and no team in history could have beat the seahawks on this night

  20. We showed to the haters that we're the best that day we shut there mouth to show how good our team is and twelve man go hawks..

  21. @ 02:05:25 why didnt seattle kick a fg or throw for the endzone and put up 50 on peyton with his brother looking on in despair and embarrass them further? Eli certainly didn't deserve either of his 2 superbowls and peyton got horribly lucky his defense and patriot injuries derailed what likely should have been bradys 7th 8th (possibly more?) superbowls… Seriously, why would you pass up the opportunity (historical)

  22. This feels so long ago. I miss this team so much. Thanks for the amazing games and memories, guys. Go Hawks! 😭❤

  23. This is where the road to winning Super bowl 50 started. It was was brutal as hell, but we built a championship caliber defense that dominated like hell in just 2 seasons. If only we could have 2013 Broncos offense and 2015 defense on the same team. Oh lord have mercy!!!

  24. Toda essa humilhação não teria acontecido se o broncos não tivesse fazido o punt no último down quando tava 5×0… E naquela jogada o SEA ainda fez os 6 pontos, tinha que ter arriscado o último down com ó hackback se tivesse fazido isso tenho certeza que o jogo teria sido outro!!

  25. After getting drubbed 55-10 in Super Bowl XXIV, Broncos fans probably thought they would never take such a savage beating in a Super Bowl again. They were wrong XD XD XD

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