Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

  1. 18:00 – Tom Brady throws end zone interception to Jeremy Lane

    28:42 – Brady throws 11-yard TD pass to Brandon LaFell

    41:08 – Marshawn Lynch rushes for 3-yard TD

    50:28 – Brady and Gronkowski connect for 22-yard TD

    59:16 – Russel Wilson throws 11-yard TD to Chris Mathews

    1:07:14 – Steven Hauschka makes 27-yard FG to give Seahawks the lead

    1:12:00 – Brady is intercepted by Bobby Wagner

    1:17:54 – Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for 3-yard TD pass

    1:40:17 – Brady slings 4-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola

    1:53:48 – Julian Edelman snags 3-yard TD pass from Brady

    2:01:16 – Jermaine Kearse makes insane catch to put Seahawks in scoring position

    2:04:04 – Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson at the goal line

  2. You can tell this games are Fixed….Once Russell threw that Pass he was like oh well…OH WELL? you just cost the SB…Fixed…Don't believe me Watch how Cam Newton against the Broncos just pretend he was going to pick up that fumble…smh….

  3. It wasnt Russels fault it was pete carrolls play call like wtf ur at the one and u have one of the greatest strong running backs in the legue at that time what a damb idiot of a call that call was.

  4. As a saints fan we can relate. Just like the no call vs. the rams. So we know how it feels to be hit hard in the gut with one play like that. It can really hurt and it´s sad.
    But we will stop Brady…… we will.



  7. After butler got the interception, why did the Seahawks jump off side they could have easily gotten a safety and another chance to win

  8. Im a Patriots fan and this was the second greatest Superbowl ever played. This game was the epitome of a chess game.

    Im probably going to get crucified by other Pats fan for this one but the best Superbowl ever played was the undefeated year against the Giants. I know they lost, it sucks hard they lost but it still doesn't change the fact that that Superbowl was just amazing.

  9. For Seahawks everything went their way after they beat Patriots in 2012 and everything went down hill after they lost to Patriots in the SB
    RIP Legion of Boom (2012-2015) you will be remembered

  10. The fourth quarter comeback by Brady in this SB may be overshadowed by SB 51, but I still view this SB as the greatest ever SB, just a bit above SB 51. After not succeeding much against the LOB for 3 quarters, Brady slices the Legion of Boom apart, carving up possibly the greatest defense in NFL history for 14 unanswered points.

    There is nobody else on this planet but Tom Brady who could have done this. No one.

  11. Still till this day can't believe the call the play and the result Seattle was never the same after they walked off that field

  12. I'm not sure how to watch NFL free but you can take subscription from ScreenVariety Tv. Look for it on google.

  13. 1:35:25 Obvious and violent head shot with defender leaving his feet to torpedo crown of his helmet into a defenseless receiver. Such a bad non-call!

  14. Who is still watching this? This was 3 whole Superbowls ago, yes that would be 4 total in the last 5 years. Unlike an early AFC champ from the 80’s that went ( hint the great Jim Kelly) that often the New England Patriots took home 3 and this year they look very strong. Who needs Antonio? It’s great to be a sports fan in Plymouth.

  15. Why why WHY would you pass that when a score would win the game and you have a runningback like MARSHAWN LYNCH

    Better yet why tf wouldnt wilson audible that

  16. Such a shame to know that the team I've rooted for ever since I was little will forever be known as the team that didn't run the ball. They won't be remembered for the '12-'15 defense, Steve Largent, Beast Mode or the 12's. No matter the future achievements, just forever and always the Seattle 'didn't run the ball' Seahawks. Plus everyone hates us 'cause of Richard Sherman, bandwagon fans and that we're loud and obnoxious, but so is every other fan base, and that we took the 12th man idea from A&M, even though ideas are taken all the time by everyone anyway. I can't wait for New England to tank in 10 years after Brady gets 5 more rings and SB's are worth watching again.

  17. I always thought it was pretty dumb that the forearm being on the ground would be considered down does not make sense their knees are still off the ground. Knees and back or any part of the backside should be down not forearm

  18. 2 touchdowns where scored in super bowl 49 2 from the Seahawks 2 from the Patriots which is an even Pie chart
    With a run time of 131 minutes that left us with a touchdown on average every 32.75 minutes wow
    Best touchdown Why not Gronkowskis 22 yard touchdown longest in the game and it's not less than 5 yards rushing
    Worst Lynch 3 yard run too short

  19. Collinsworth hates the Patriots. Butler makes an amazing play and all he can talk about is the play call. Pathetic.

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