Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

go, go, go get him that are the Berlin Kobras who helped me today for my parkour chase vs a football team I hope you enjoyed it check out the Kobras, I linked them in the description if you want to be tackled by them you can join there training in Berlin have fun with the super bowl you can also check out my Football Trick Shot Video here do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more Parkour action! see you next time!

99 thoughts on “Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

  1. This might go unnoticed but for the small amount that see this🙏

    I'm on the grind for 10k subscribers and I will appreciate any help towards helping me achieve my goal❤️I host custom matchmaking and imma start hosting giveaways to give back to the community ❤️🙏this is optional so please keep all feedback positive. Thank you and have a great day/night;I hope you get successful one day

  2. It's the year 2022 the last Superbowl game was 2019 many football teams are outlawed but still rampant in the city trying to play football with unsuspecting citizens whom chose to wonder in the streets..

  3. That guy should learn some football ya know practice and go on the teams because did you see how he juked them

  4. So what this video is telling me is this dude is inhuman and would be the best football player in the world maybe??

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