Sumo Volleyball – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Sumo Volleyball – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Previously on Global Games, our Olympians and social
influencers went head-to-head in the chicken-fight
boxing challenge, and Olympian Mikael
and influencer Hendo came out the ultimate victors, garnering them each
a gold medal, and the lead
in the overall medal count. Will they keep their streak
going? We’ll find out. Welcome to Global Games, where
real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges
will test their strength, skill, and stamina
on a level never seen before. The participants will be
competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of
the eight challenges will take home the gold, and the bragging rights
as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or a social influencer? This is Global Games
Sumo Volleyball. – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. And together we are…
Mike and Spice. – Oh.
– Yes! Come on. We’re here in a country named
for how I like my food – greasy. No, I’m pretty sure it’s
just Greece, not Greec-ee. I’m pretty sure it’s Greasy. OK. Today we are playing
sumo beach volleyball. What the hell is that, you ask? Well, beach volleyball
officially joined the Olympic programme
in the 1996 Games. And in great anticipation
for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, 2020, we’ll
be playing volleyball with a Japanese twist – sumo style. Sumo beach volleyball
has the same rules as regular beach volleyball,
only they’ll be wearing the creative sumo suits. The first team to seven
wins the match. First up, we have gold
medal-leader Mikael and Luis, versus Asafa and Alexia. I like Asafa and Alexia
in this match. Alexia’s fitness training
should serve her well, but Asafa’s an Olympic
sprinter, so he’s got speed. We’re talking two-time
100-metre, world-record speed. Yeah, yeah, but keep in mind he has to do all of that
wearing a sumo suit. Now, the opposing team is just
as intense, athletically. Let’s find out more
about one of them – Luis. My name is Luis Badillo, Jr. I’m a speed and footwork
trainer. I work with all athletes. If you want to see
more about what I do, check out my Instagram,
@luisbadillojr. Nobody, at the end of the day,
wants to lose. We all come here to win. I’m excited.
I’m confident. Oh! Mikael and Luis up, 4-2. We’re just getting a feel
for everything. – A feel for the suits.
– We’re trying to feel the suits. It’s not easy to
move around in this. And they get another one. It is currently all
Mikael and Luis. That’s one. Luis hits it too far. Alexia and Asafa
are still alive. That was out. We have a winner! Good job! Yeah! Mikael and Luis come away
with a victory, conquering Asafa and Alexia
7-3. – We did great.
– Yeah. – We did great together.
– Yeah. I think we’re looking good
for gold today. Yeah. She was the smart one,
he was the physical one. He’d fall for my tricks.
I set him up. Up next, we have Linlin and
Hendo versus Lolo and Derek. Our strategy is basically
hit the ball over the net, and then, bow,
we win the points! Let’s learn a bit more
about Hendo, who’s trying to keep his Global
Games gold medal streak alive. I’m Andrew Henderson.
I’m from England. I’m the world champion
at Freestyle Football four times in a row. Current world champion,
seven-times UK champion. And you can find me
@iamandrewhenderson. Put your mind to something,
you can really achieve it, if you just work hard. Do I look strong? Yeah, you do.
You look badass. I think Linlin’s speed is going
to help her cover the court. She’s really agile and she’s
got the balance, as well. That’s going to play a factor
for her. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Let’s do this. Oh, Lolo. Hey, what just happened there?
You threw it backwards. It’s the other way, Lolo. Good serve. Oh! Yeah, that’s a turnaround. Game’s on. – It’s so on.
– It’s not on. So far, a super sloppy game
of sumo. Got it? Ooh! Just in bounds. Hendo gets the point. They lead 3-1. Hendo knocks it out,
and we’re tied. Now Lolo’s getting
the hang of it. 4-3. Lin, you look like
a cute little baby. Oh! Lolo dives and misses! This is anyone’s game. Quick feet, quick feet,
quick feet! Whoa! Hey! That was awesome. You’re both going
to leave dirty. He’s dirty. That one hurt. Game point. If they pull it off, we’ll have
gold versus gold in the final. Oh, my goodness!
Lolo diving to the net. Oh, man! Right into the net.
Whoa. I will see you guys
in the final. See you then. So, Linlin and Andrew
will be taking on Mikael and Luis for the gold. But first, Asafa and Alexia
will be taking on Lolo and Derek for the bronze. It’s warm in here. Good job! Watch out! – Let’s go, let’s go, guys.
– Go on, guys. Let’s go. Communicate
with each other out there. I have, like,
a really good server. Go, go, go, go, go, go! – That’s awesome!
– Whoa! – Good!
– Whoa! Asafa lays out, but it’s Derek
who comes through to take the lead. That’s awesome! – Too cool, dude.
– That’s how it’s done. And here she is again,
but it’s out. Point goes to Asafa and Alexia. Asafa serves it up –
and scores! Ace every time. We’re going to go all out
to beat Asafa. He’s already a big man. And then you make a fat, big
man and he looks hilarious. Derek on the return to Alexia. Oh! He can’t come up with it. – Oh, Asafa
– Oh! Match point. Good, that was smart.
That was smart. Derek serves it to Alexia – and she hits it out. – Good game, guys.
– Good game, good game. I think we were a little bit
disappointed after our first-round match, so
we came out with a vengeance, and just went hard. Lolo and Derek shut it down,
winning 7-4. They made it look easy. Mikael and Luis play
against Linlin and Hendo for all the marbles. Let’s do this. We’re first. Mikael and Hendo
are the only two players with a gold right now. They’re going head to head
to get another gold, and secure the lead
in the overall medal count here at Global Games. I’ve got to be competitive. I mean, these are the best
athletes in the world. You know, I can’t take it easy
on them. I can’t take it easy on them. Argh! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Here we go, here we go! Mikael serves it. Hendo knocks it out. Mikael and Luis are
starting to pull away. Mikael does it again. 5-2. And that’s three in a row! Hendo… Mikael volleys
to Luis. Oh! And he hits it out!
This is not over, folks. Hendo with the serve to Luis – and Linlin can’t get there. Mikael and Luis
take home the gold. And with this win,
Mikael has locked up his second gold
at Global Games. – We did well.
– Yeah, we did good. I guess they were…
I’m so proud of us. So proud of us. I’ve got you. Phew, heat coming
out of there, man. Yeah, it’s too much. You are my favourite.
– You stole my medal! Oh, no! Wait, you’re my
favourite. What are you doing? You’re my favourite. Come here.
Yeah, there you go. Come here, come here.
She’s my favourite. Mikael and Luis
win the gold, 7-3. Linlin and Hendo
take home the silver, and Lolo and Derek
take home the bronze. Let’s take a look at
our updated medal board. Next show, watch me beat him. On the next episode of Global
Games, it’s the Flyathlon. (ONE FLYBOARD) (THREE DECATHLON EVENTS) And get this –
it’s going to be fly. Ha-ha! You see what I did
there? – See, it’s going to be fly.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like an airplane. – Yeah, like an airplane.
– Like that. – Flying through the sky.
– It’s fly. Fly-athlon. – Yeah, I get, I get it, Spice.
– Fly.

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