Summer Soarin’ // Paragliding Dänemark 2017

Summer Soarin’ // Paragliding Dänemark 2017

Update us: What is going on today, dad? There’s way too much wind. The weather forecast lied, it’s all fake news! My abs are sore because of yesterday… Today was tough and I barely managed to top-land! Well, I didn’t. I just missed it. You coming? Old school, but it works. But only going up… Okay, what do you want to know? Highlights? Lowlights? Lowlight… I flew into the cliff today. At a rapid speed with tailwind short turn left, didn’t quite work out and then I crashed straight into the cliff line Brake, brake, brake! It was a huge spectacle the crowd was cheering well, and then I hung there. I’m still alive. Nice! … and my canopy is full of sand, great.

9 thoughts on “Summer Soarin’ // Paragliding Dänemark 2017

  1. super Video – Küstensoaring ist traumhaft – wenn ihr möchtet schaut mal hier:

  2. I will be there end of July. Any recommendations for this site? is there a local club or business i can rent equipment from? I would hate to bring my own harness and glider all the way from California.

  3. Wow 😀 sehr schönes Filmchen. Hat für mich die gleiche Qualität wie die von Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, auch wenn nicht so spektakulär

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