Student-built stadium whistle becomes new Penguin football tradition

Student-built stadium whistle becomes new Penguin football tradition

sound of a shift change whistle used to be common around Youngstown. It can still be heard around the YSU campus. Five students in Mechanical Engineering Technology designed and built the whistle. In fact, you may have heard at the football games. Here’s 27 First News anchor Stan Boney. Getting to Youngstown State’s new shift change whistle — takes a walk up a rocky slope at the Beeghly Center end of Stambaugh Stadium — because that’s where the steam line runs — and it’s the steam that makes the sound. MIX MEDIUM SHOT OF WHISTLE WITH SHOT OVER SUN. “ONCE IT HITS THAT PART ON THE BELL IT WILL PUSH STEAM DIRECTLY ON THERE AND PUSH IT IN AND OUT AND WITH IT DOING THAT IT CAUSES A TURBULANET AFFECT IN THERE WHICH MAKE THE BELL RESONATE AND IT CREATES YOUR SOUND.” “IT’S A SOUND YOU CAN FEEL, YOU CAN FEEL IT DEEP IN YOUR CHEST AND THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A WHISTLE YOU WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO HEAR IT NO MATTER HOW FAR THEY ARE. I spent some time last Thursday with two of the five students — and the YSU professor who built the whistle — which they have named “The Spirit of Youngstown.” It was their final project before graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering technology. For as long as the steel mills operated around Youngstown — steam whistles were part the daily operations — signifying both shift change and emergencies. They had to be loud to be heard inside the noise of the mills. “THE WHISTLE WAS JUST A PART OF THE CULTURE.” “IT WAS JUST A TRUE HISTORICAL SOUND AND WE REALLY WANTED TO BRING THAT BACK.” The first problem — there were no instructions on how to build a shift whistle. So they went to a collector. “AND HE GAVE US AN OLD SHIFT WHISTLE THAT WE WERE ABLE TO TAKE APART AND RESERVE ENGINEER.” Most of the pieces — the valve, the electronic control system, the mount — they could be bought. WHISTLE BLOWING AT FOOTBALL GAME. “IT’S REALLY SOMETHING I CAN BE PROUD OF AND SOMEDAY SHOW MY FAMILY AND MY CHILDREN THAT THIS WAS SOMETHING I WAS A PART OF.” “WE DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD BE SUCH A BIG HIT…WE WERE JUST FIVE KIDS TRYING TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE.” At YSU…Stan Boney, WKBN 27 First News.

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  1. On steam locomotives, these kind of whistles with just a single note are called "Hooter" whistles.
    Made famously for the railroads of Norfolk & Western, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Baltimore & Ohio and more…

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