I’m going out of this team. It’s like the circus
come to town. [narrator] Hello and welcome
to Finding Football. When Courtyard by Marriott wanted to find the true meaning
of football, they decided to send an award winning
football obsessed comedian and a legendary
World Cup winning captain across Europe in search
of the beautiful game and this is what they found. After Munich,
our intrepid German explorers went to find the meaning
of football in Paris. The city that loves love, nearly as much
as it loves football. [Henning] Well I found
so much football. In Munich, there he was,
Lothar Matthäus, I mean, that man is football,
you could– Really, you could stop this search
right there but I carry on. And now, Lothar and I are together,
here in Paris. Tonight, we are going to meet
a filmmaker who made a documentary
about street football in Paris, and Paris being the capital
of street football. You’ve made a movie
about street football. Yeah, I co-directed this documentary
with Syrine Boulanouar, the name is Ballon Sur Bitume
in French, but it’s Concrete Football worldwide. Football is now
something very important from even like professional clubs. We see a lot of, you know,
young kids going to, you know, play for Arsenal
or Real Madrid or… -huge clubs.
-Or Bayern Munich, maybe? -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Schalke? So is it players like Mahrez,
they come from their background? He used to play in that– in that– these
sort of small cages. Riyad Mahrez, uh,
started playing football, you know, on the streets. Five people
to get in each team and, you know,
you play all day long. Now, where can we find football? In Paris? The only place
you can find football is in the streets. [Narrator] The next day, Henning
and Lothar went to meet the S3 Streetstyle Society, a local collective
of football freestylers. I’m not sure they were playing
football, really. [indistinct chatter] They were more like… working on a circus act
or something because, I mean, it just wasn’t football. This is not football.
Is this football? -No this is not football.
-[Lothar] This is magic, yeah? This is something different. [Andreas] Yeah,
it’s something different. The freestyle now,
it’s like, uh, for us it’s mix of a bit
of football but also basketball, you can see
we have some tricks, you can see, we go to the ground
to make some break dance. They all could play
very well with the football. But I’m still none the wiser… as to if they actually can play football. So do you play each other as well,
three-a-side? Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
There is competition on streets. What you reckon, do we wanna–
Is there any chance, you could play for us,
three vs three. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It would be really nice. We get to manage a team each. Then we have to talk now,
with them, huh? -Yeah, yeah.
-Okay, okay. Okay, yeah. Don’t like to feel shame
after the game. We will win. Well, Henning know nothing
about football, he’s a fan. [Henning] That’s how we play.
Now this is our goal. -[player] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-[Henning] That’s their goal. Our goal is a no go– [clamouring] I was a football player,
I was coach. Henning with these players
what he decide, he can never win like this. [Narrator] And so the match
was set, Team Henning vs Team Lothar. [indistinct chatter] -Oh, I have to look at my book.
-No. First you have to look
like this. [laughing] -Oh!
-I– I can’t find my match plan. He’s a big loser, Henning. He’s a big loser. [Lothar] This is a match plan. This is a match plan
from Henning. All three in attacking. If you do
any football related activity, having 150 caps probably
makes it that a little bit easier. You need somebody
who kick the ball in offence. Yeah. I– I just said,
this is no go area, our goal. And I just thought
that was enough. [Lothar] Look– But, look. Oh! No, it’s very much the go area,
isn’t it? [Narrator] Team Lothar
narrowly won the match, six-nil. Afterwards, both managers
reflected on their tactics. What did we struggle with,
some regards to the game plan? I think
that was not the good tactic. Uh, you are not a good coach
and… [laughing] I’m go– I’m going out
of this team. I am proud of this team. -Thank you very much.
-Thank you, coach. Thank you. Oh, Lothar, they were all
in their late teens, early 20s. By that point you were
not playing the little cage but you’ve started
your professional career. Yes, we didn’t play
in a little cage but we played on the street.
Without these games, I will never be a football player, like, how I was at last, uh,
the last 30, 40 years. Lothar, where next? -We have to go to Amsterdam.
-[laughing] Brilliant. -Let’s go.
-Let’s go. [Narrator] Next time
on Finding Football. -Lothar…
-[indistinct chatter] Me feet are gone!


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