St John (My Football Team) VS. Hashtag Utd

St John (My Football Team) VS. Hashtag Utd

okay hello right so today my tonight on elite team Sanjana are going to be playing against hashtag Spencer’s team whoever has put out nicely for us it’s absolutely torrential downpour in classes currently thought about 537 tickets I think so there should be quite a nice crowd for Jersey totally nice for me to bring everyone here and you know it’s it’s the club that I played for for pretty much my entire life cannot wait and get to it today so it is all my video promo this last month you know that this was happening but my son daily weekly decided to play against hashtag United you guys can come and watch oh we’ve got about 500 600 people in the end that came along so thank you so much to all of you and I see much anticipated you had to keep the score line like all social media but it’s time my shirt stop there are going to be tech YouTube Oh what am i doing okay yeah so something I’ve never said on video school wasn’t the a-team it’s Goodson John’s I see you I play for my entire life pretty much obviously only a few of the hashtag lads as well and like Spencer father Charlie Jamel Theo Theo didn’t actually play what on the screen was existing together who is it I kind of don’t like that anyway let’s get straight into it so the game at six off Charlie begun things not going to like wasn’t looking forward to playing against him after seeing how good he is football firsthand if it wasn’t a game against a group of friends the words let him know you’re there would have gone around the changing room before the game I’m not like you were quite strong team they were mixing our Dan Brown than main striker so we’re a little bit constantly coming to the tape anyway I got one of my first you touches on the ball here knocked over my data has happened how to do it and not make it into the video say that and I you know played a cross-court pass it quickly became apparent that they had some one-man marking me throughout the entire game which you can look at to Wade you know it’s like flattering thing but at the same time it’s going to be a pretty tough 90-minute and we hadn’t really talked about that team most other days no no doesn’t I work to this level prime so basically the ball drops is one of the first attacks of the game Charlie gets before we’re not there skill just get away from what and what a delightful go to start the game off is just a call for one to concede there’s nothing you can do about it it’s hashtag of course I like three camera angles to capture all this glory it’s all gone you’re not sure you can celebrate in front of a crowd as possible Charlie did I so we were already under the course a little further on and I picked up the ball in the middle I needed to do a few things to just get in the bin then it was time for the first coaching tackle of the game a fair one but heavy one you can hear the crowd winces that one went in that’s what you turn up foreigner sad isn’t it looks like I just won putting more top quality analyzing Oh long ball by Spence what’s going on here all right let’s have a little talk about Jamel this guy eats his wheat of it in the morning I didn’t see a 50/50 all day that he didn’t win or he didn’t go through so much the crowd really got are they paid for this part of the game boom born it’s need out for a corner it bend out loud it pinned out anyway I whip in the corner and we almost equalize is cleared off the line and then all I said about Jack bullies they’re always right and over the course barber there’s our first proper site of gold little unlucky not to get one there as well hashtag was very much fun talking possesses Oh solve our game lots to try and dominate to too much oh yeah that’s right Charlie what you need we can go back on you coincidentally because the pitch is 3G my leg was more scabby than Charlie’s first goal after that challenge oh oh oh Charlie oh dear oh they’re all right now let’s have a look at this offside all right so first of all before we look at any any contentious decision from the referees and the lines but they were all proper Jersey officials though they weren’t going to be biased towards hashtag or mean no just people trying to do that job as well as they could on a Saturday having said that let’s have a look at this offside shall we I does playing less meat in this game because you know I wanted to frame man so he doesn’t cry up the pace – but you still gets into our team at age 52 does not resume bill clings on to three hat-tricks in three games though so ask him about it and you’ll get that mention within the first 10 seconds never look as a balls please hmm hmm can’t see that’s the correct call unfortunately we don’t have the fifth assistant installed and Springfield yet but anyway ash get through locked it past the goalkeeper and that would have been our equalizer back to ever and yeah aside at least it was clear that it was given as off site at least we didn’t have a higway situation and what is he still celebrating right there again a little more into the game at this point so I flick it on here so all right wing at Dan and get down the line fortunately wind up going up with other we tried this cheap really sneaky so we tried all of the corners where you hand it over just pass the ball at the little corner segments of technique taking the free kick but the rest we took the records out but none of it I thought we acted it out quite well but the ref was like behave lads behave yourselves these guys are loving it ah [Applause] if in doubt few people probably left at that point hey Charlie stop this without this Weddell for a horrid yes I’m so glad we’ve got that on camera yeah yeah not both go really hit on oh my all knowledge of prattle if given the Balkan tackle by a thoroughbred Simba so Charlie take a couple of us on I’m looking to like red card comes out here I’d have had no complaints either normally Charlie a free kick not the ideal scenario they would line off a smart light there’s no way there’s no way so I brick it ran and stood on the line the classic FIFA tactic and the absolutely smashes over the bar so glad Springfield invested in those Nets behind the goal Charlie Hoffman gold and it was bell ringing little quaint Charlie time labels run out of mine who in the end hit the crossbar back to Charlie all of the face it’s just quality thumbnailing stuff than Spencer unleashes a leper to drive and uh yeah I’ll probably at him describe that one in his video you saw what happened no more shots for Spencer I think 10-pounder to get the bargain personally oh this breast story it’d be so you know the classic the classic son they need thing to do you never get bush sauce is stand in front of a pre peg you quietly get people put if you kick it out of them anyway I looked over the rapid this is looking complete opposite direction at this point for streaking right Adams go over that one I should say we actually took them to the jailer denied life off there’s a really good night so I’d love to do this all thing again real just went to like a buffet and then I into a sound and it was really nice to get most national stems then get the free kick my goodness that one was close boys all we can about this probe we turn about this row from tomorrow hang on talk about that one sure about that anyway not like he needs it launches it the length of the pitch anyway ah there we go and Adams get the ball in the right wing gets lost Jack run outside what a finish that is to be fair that don’t really get finished I don’t really like a way to know downs right long ball from Jamel we really need to get the report half five Iona ball finally in an attacking position play it through the ash just this controls it unfortunately the chance goes away one of the few times actually got it in the final third in the bust off but I’m not sure I can be too disappointed with that one anyway oh that was a good haven’t who was that absolutely launched one so you can pay for that football oh my god is about this one so the Bourget they kick it straight to me I saw the key profit line I was thinking this is going to be a long talk but and if you remember breeze against Portsmouth a long time ago I was trying to just catch to keep her off-guard and go for that far left corner oh I did get another time Oh another one bounced around in the box good Sunday you play we’re in a good rush I’m gonna what I usually do in those situations are quite a sum scoffs them in the past so I just want a good connection elect just God I mean he hid it – well if anything I and then the half-time whistle went so to nil – hashtags at the break things were not looking too good at this point I’m a bit Josie for the crowd work fairly strongly on our side and we need it I mean really needs a gold wheelie sneeze a golden human isn’t the second off in fact steps through step got a face on him sorts their way three notes and we’ll cut out before we can call for celebration no thank you I write the celebration but I can’t be dealing with a debt free no bail nice little GoPro refer to that once we said I like angle and yeah was that game over was that game over is the question so then we went towards this game how even it was going to be so we started with like a few players learners from the first team or and a few players who would be the strongest in our team off the pitch so he gets all judge a half-time then bring come on so we brought on our one of our players very used to play Jersey that begun to change the game a little bit so I spent to take it off a few times we give us a bit of chance email me oh hello all right I like this I really like this our Ramsay will be brought up on the click and then play was stopped don’t rest Rica no no for a seagull caught in the net you can’t write this stuff you simply cannot yeah there’s a reason these cocky little Eagles were just like trundling around the picture books on they own the place the most of the second half actually we’ve got a few good courts and tackles in this game there’s another one for me okay Charlie my point to you that one oh my goodness Wow as a great ball from Spencer and that really could be getting put away no Long’s the second off berry begun to show kind of what we’ve been missing unleashes a little bit of a pester and I won’t jump over the bar Brundage I was not my god that’s so famous so kind of gets it still gets a good on from the crowd though so does it back on Oh Billy wants or Spencer I don’t know about that tackle I’m not convinced there’s Eddie all right we’ll give them the benefited out and safeguard the bullseye long okay I’m happy because they I it’s Beckham territory I’m sorry my beloved he was I thought they’d appreciate those people are sweet this is all my better ones oh it’s definitely comment right over loon it’s about a foot away a foot inside the post and after my first goal from a free table ah right the door is absolutely smashed off it Wendy’s not not quite heard all is nowhere to be I play a little ball like a fairy to get popped inside and absolutely unleashes it into the that and I thought you gave up all right I want to see so I’m happy about that although surgery let’s get one look at that goal now that’s pizzazz I think this boy’s been to a few other players back on as you would or lost my marker the markers off foul isn’t it and notice at the time that’s on the runs if you go down you got it and then now if we get another goal at this point it’s really going to get interesting we got to free tickle the right I whip it into that corridor uncertainty you know as I like to aim for right now closer to the box right give you some first impression what are you thinking right now because my first impression was they’ve both gone to the ball it’s a collision you know it’s one of those ones where they were probably just give a goal kick play on solar 50/50 pedal T is given which got a mixed reception it’s an escort because if you look at the replay it’s like the keeper and many ashes done for it he was also go for it the keeper does punch him in the face I want a we got a penalty alright now you think either me or ash take the penalty we have the rule in our team that whoever wins it gets first bits on whether they want to take it I went up to him and I said to him you can have it if you want obviously the rules I’d love to have it but if you’re a toy and he said I’m having it side yeah let’s continue watching and as you know I’m not impartial to a panel be a straight down the middle but I backed myself to do a little better these days now and ash puts it down the middle it is saved and the school anesthesia for you I suppose is that she that often think about it I really should have given you that penalties most of people are here to see you and Spencer you know I talked to him I think I wouldn’t want to don’t want to take it off anyone so I’m not letting him have the metaphor now let’s say that let’s say that but obviously ashtag felt that justice is done very young me this isn’t your Champions League final appearance just yet oh definitely Clara 3gp step on get away from molehill what can you do what can you do all that still got the biggest cheer of a game and that one won’t you know allow me as well five minutes okay you see the bullet rocket you’ve got it going for the overhead kick all right you don’t think about if you else except of all that in that top corner ended up being unusually Provo yeah anyway I think if I’m right it’s pretty much the last kick of the game the ball will go hashtag of beefing up for you on fairly in the end I think I will give that so there are a few contentious decisions on both sides right now nothing to rain complain about too much so fair play to that the first team we played in Jersey come over beating us three one that was everywhere now after we’re going on the route good night so rude goodbye haha there’s ice good I should play you haven’t I should’ve let you have [Applause] you know in school they wonder live you know we provide or anything they came enough funding to really rather Windflower you become homies here come on right well yeah I guess that’s a big question who do we play next and do they come back for a rematch next year you know I’d love to do I love that more teams come over here and thank you so much as I said to everyone who came it was a fundraiser basically for my club because it was just nice give something back and we’re you know in a bit of need of money at the moment so please make sure to leave a like on the video if you do want to see me inviting more teams to come play against staff a few other youtubers anything like that make sure to go check out hash tags video and see what Spencer’s take on it all was of course our mailings will be in the description below but thank you very much for watching thank you to everyone who was involved as well Nigel son Sean who helped us organize everything my dad is also very helpful Ramsey our club captain is really helpful in sawing everything as well please subscribe to me if you do around here but yeah it’s a lot of fun Thank You fortune much we’ll see you later

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  1. CHRIS u never really do anything good in these matches but u r so happy that you got the ball like wth

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    Dad:Son ask for something realistic
    :Son O.K. arsenal to win the league
    Dad:What colour dragon

  3. If this video gets 100k likes than chrismd will sign for hashtag

    (The video not this comment)

  4. All your goalkeepers are useless not trying to be rude like…..WTH! The best one yet was the one where u guys one 2-0…..

  5. wtf . my sunday league barely has like 19 spectators on a good day , our refs don’t speak english and look like everyone’s uncle . our fields have holes and giant dirt spots with little thorn things hidden in the “grass” waiting for someone to slide tackle so they can grind up their whole leg .

  6. ST John has the same color scheme as the football team I played for in the 5th tier Hungarian football league

  7. Neither of the teams were as good as I thought they would be. I think our school team could have a chance at beating both of these teams.

  8. Everyone keeps talking about how bad the goalkeeper is…

    Yeah, that’s all. They’re correct.

  9. your team consists more of veterents it would be more better to play attacking doing small passes one two or playing in triangle

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