Spot The Difference?! New Nike 2017-18 Premier League Balls Tested

Spot The Difference?! New Nike 2017-18 Premier League Balls Tested

(suspenseful music) – What’s up guys? Matt from the former Greece team, and what we’ve got for you
today is such a dreamy video. And the reason for that is, not only are we going to be
testing out the brand new 2017-18 Premier League
football, played with by the likes Cafcu, Pogba,
Lattaisare, but we’re also going to be giving you
a challenge as well. Because the game is, one
of these footballs is the authentic one worth 100 pounds and one is the replica worth 20 pounds. We’re going to be writing
number one and number two on either ball and by
the end of the video, we want to know, can you
work out which one is which. So that’s today’s video,
so let’s get right into it. So on this ball, I’m going
to give it number one. And on this ball I’m going
to give it number two. The first test that
we’re going to be putting the balls through is the drop test from three different heights. The first one will be here standing up. The second one, first level of the stands. The third level, from the
very top of the stands. Level one, ball number
one, ball number two. Level two, ball number
one, ball number two. Level three, ball number
one, ball number two. The next test is going to be to see how much curl we can put on each ball. As always ball number one to start. Testing ball number one
with its curl and it definitely had a good level of curl to it. Not the most though and
it wasn’t that grippy. Ball number two. Ball number two had much
more grip when trying to whip it and it definitely
had more life in it as well. Our next test is going
to be the distance test. So which of the two balls
travels the furthest. We’re going to start with ball number one. Ball number two. It’s pretty tight. We’ll have to go to the second camera angle to see
which one went further. Looking back at the replay
on the distance test and ball number one bounced well
inside the six yard box, where as ball number two,
although it did bounce inside the six yard box, ball number
one definitely went further. The next test that we’re
going to be doing is to see how much knuckleball movement we can get on each football. So ball number one to start. Although I don’t have the
best knuckleball around, ball number one felt
very light, got some good movement on it, and it was
also quite unpredictable. Knuckleball, ball number two. The massive difference
between ball number one and ball number two in
terms of knuckeballs is that the second ball was definitely much straighter and flew more true. Our next test is going
to be a first touch test. Now Tommy is behind the
camera on the halfway line, ready to ping in the balls to me and he’s going to be testing my first touch with each of the two balls. Ball number one. Testing the touch of ball number one, it felt a little bit plasticy and thin. It didn’t give me much
of a cushion feel, and it wasn’t too grippy and
didn’t offer much stick. Ball number two. Ball number two definitely
had a different feel. It just felt a little
bit more solid, maybe even heavier, there was
definitely more padding, and it felt like it thicker panels. Try the Neymar two. Just clip one. Our next test is going to be
volleys off the rebounder. Ball number one to start. Hitting volleys with ball
number one and it didn’t give me much purchase,
like it didn’t stay hit and it died off before reaching the goal. Volleys with ball number two. I’ve definitely felt like ball number two kept its power more and
also flew off my foot a lot better than ball number one. So guys, this test is
going to be how the balls actually look and feel
compared to each other. So let’s take a close look
at ball number one first. And the main thing that
sticks out to me is that the dimple texture
is much more aggressive compared to ball number two. Now along side the dimples which feature all over the football is
also a lot of stiching going on to create the panels. Something which ball number two doesn’t. So let’s bring in ball
number two and first off you can’t see the dimples
as much compared to ball number one and also in terms of how the ball feels, it feels much softer, but also much more grippy. Now the other huge difference
between ball number two and ball number one is
that this ball number two doesn’t feature any stitching whatsoever, it’s just been glued together. When playing with the two
footballs, the difference was ball number one felt
a little bit plasticy, where as ball number two
felt a little bit softer, but also more padded,
so it gave me a better feeling when I struck the ball with power. So guys, all the testing has been done. So which ball is which? Well for the first time
I can officially reveal that the authentic 2017-18
Premier League football which costs 100 pounds
was ball number two! So for any of you guys who got that right, massive well done to you. Whoa, wow. Well done to you, but
that is today’s video all wrapped up, thanks for
watching, hope you enjoyed it. Cheers! Almost died man, that was… Almost got squished like a Coke can.

100 thoughts on “Spot The Difference?! New Nike 2017-18 Premier League Balls Tested

  1. You can see from the beginning that it's the number 2 because the number 1 is stitched and the number 2 is glued. LOL

  2. It's so easy to tell, the Nike Ordem is thermally bonded and the Nike Strike is stitched, how is this even challenging?

  3. Guys My Grandad works As A Refarie at a football stadium and he said he's gonna get me the real premier league football!

  4. I hate British accent -.-
    Ball = Bull
    Two = Thu
    Ball = Bholl
    Number = Noumbo
    Third = Tföurd
    Back = baeck
    Knuckleball = Nucklehnball
    First = Fhorst

  5. I when to big five yesterday and I was looking at the balls and in fact it did have stitching so I think it is number 2

  6. I'd love to see a Video describing the difference between the Nike Magia and The Ordem and or Merlin. The Magia has been intriguing me lately. But haven't yet found of video reviewing them.

  7. The last number of likes shows what player you are

    5.Ronaldo (Brazilian)
    6. David De Gea
    7.Thierry Henry
    8. Aubameyang
    0.Robert Pirres

  8. The distance test literally tells you nothing. You can see that he exerts more force on the second strike anyway. It is completely dependant on the force applied.

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