Sports Stadium Security and Safety Fencing – Football

Sports Stadium Security and Safety Fencing – Football

The old fence that we had was terrible and
it was falling apart, concrete one with bits of wood on it and metal just not up to the
standard. So obviously we put in to get a grant to put this new type of fencing in and
we have had it done this pre-season. It’s a lot better I mean obviously it makes
the ground look far better; I mean the old one unfortunately the ground does need updating
it’s been here a long time but putting the fence around it has made it look up to a better
standard all the way around it looks a lot more modern, the signs look a lot better when
you put the signs on it they are not falling off the same like they used to do on the old
one and all in general it just makes the ground look a lot better, a lot tidier. You know players they don’t react to a lot
of stuff really, none of them have gone flying in to it yet, I don’t think so nothing like
that, but yeah the players just want to get on the pitch and play football, the way that
they have looked at it; they have said when they come out it looks a lot fancier, a lot
tidier and stuff and all that, but you don’t get much out of footballers really. The lads concerned on here were Scott, the
main one in charge and his son and another lad. Fantastic, my main concerns were they
were going to do damage to the pitch because we have had our renovations done, we thought
they were going to do damage and we would find concrete on there where they had been
going on the pitch. they were fantastic, I’d never met them until they started the fence
because they were always down on different days when I wasn’t here with being part-time
but when I came down and had a chat with the lads, said I don’t want you to do this, I
don’t want you to do that, they were fantastic, not one bit of problem all the way through
with them. They were really nice lads, plus you could have a a laugh with them, you could
have a good crack with them as well… nice lads

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