SportCaster: You Football Season Stats and Fantasy Cheat Sheet for Android – AppJudgment

SportCaster: You Football Season Stats and Fantasy Cheat Sheet for Android – AppJudgment

Angry birds, theme parks, a picture from an
Iphone 5 is discovered. Apple might be in trouble with the SFPD and a look at Sports
Caster for all you Android football fans. Today on App Judgment.
This episode of App Judgment, your source of application news and reviews, I’m Anthony
Carboni and I’m Jackie Talbott and I’m obsessed with Jetpack Joyride. So, we’ve been playing this game a lot. I
have to stop since I got it. We covered it earlier in the week on Tuesday, check it out
if you haven’t already. This is a master class in how to design an Iphone game. Basically.
It’s like, you’ve got tons of achievements, you’ve got tons of unlockables, coins to
pick up while you are playing around with your machine gun jet pack. Absolutely, super
simple game play, I mean. And a very nice response on toll too. Absolutely. It’s totally
free… download it if you have nothing to do for the next three weeks. In a sec, Chris Jennings will take a look
at SportsCaster for Android but first, let’s take a look at the top mobile news that you
clicked on at First up, could this be a picture taken with
the iPhone 5’ eight megapixal camera? So, here’s the deal, this is a picture that showed
up on Flickr, was later pulled down, sneaky, curious, it was identified in the exit data
as an Iphone 4. It was taken at a larger resolution, than the Iphone 4 can actually do. So what
do you think? Of the big thing is, the GP placed. In Cupertino, in infinite loop in
one of the cafeterias. So, it is something sneaky, tell us about the phone, we already
know about the phone. The sushi looks good though, the sushi looks great. Next, China’s got angry birds in RL, that’s
real life. Well. They’re getting angry birds in real life in China as you can see, rodeo
is not doing this. This is the Chinese theme park with these giant life-size angry bird
sling shots so you can sling your birds around and do the sound effects if you, as well,
included. Right. But I’m wondering if people can people go on the sling shot? Oh, are people
allowed? I don’t know if they are sturdy enough. That sounds fun though. Definitely,
not sturdy enough to hold up Tim Court. Robeo is probably pretty pissed. Finally, the FSPD has launched an investigation
of how officers assisted Apple in the search of the supposedly missing Iphone 5. Right?
Right, so what happened was cops showed up at someone’s house looking for something.
Said Apple employees are impersonating the cops, but then it turns out they were just
going with them. Super crazy story. First it was like there were no cops. Then it was,
like, there were cops. Apple was pretending to be cops, the whole thing is messed up so
basically what finally wound up happening was, there was an Apple security officers
that were assisted by SFPD, they went to this guy’s house. The SFPD was like, hey can
Apple look around in here, do you have this phone. The guy was like, yeah, come in and
look around. So the whole deal is the SFPD had no paperwork saying they ever did this,
there was no police report filed. Because Apple never wanted anything official. You’re
right, Apple just doesn’t want to say, oops, they came looking for this phone. The sushi
picture taking phone. So I don’t what the legality of this is, I’m not super familiar
on it, but cnet has launched an entire investigation. I think people are quit to, just scream corruption
on the part of their own police department or Apple, but I’m waiting for more details
to come out. So, anyway, yah. Coming up, Chris Jenning
just release the phone guys. Come on, I know. Anyways, coming up next Chris Jenning, demo
sports caster for you sportetball fans, that a thing. But first, let’s get social with
Annie. Hey guys, it’s Annie and today on the social
segment we are going to talk about photo apps. I’m sorry don’t hurt me, don’t hurt
me, I’m just kidding. You guys seem to think that we need from your You Tube comment, that
we should step away from that for awhile. So, we’re going to do that and move on to
the complete opposite of photo apps, which is… figurines. Oh god, she’s lost her
head. On YouTube, Justin Freedom Destin wants to
know, is that a sailor moon figurine in Annie’s cubicle? We’ve been able to confirm that
it is not sailor moon but if you have an answer, please let us know. And Mr. Justin Freedom
Destin also adds that he was somewhat surprised we didn’t talk about the government anti-trust
lawsuit again AT&T. Basically, the gist of this story is that the justice department
has filed suit against At&T for a possible anti-trust violation regarding their acquisition
of T-mobile. It’s a pretty big story and it will be interesting to see how it plays
out. And if they settle, it probably won’t go to trial. What do you guys think? You can
read up more on this story here, we’ll put a link up around here somewhere. And let us know what you think in the comments,
if there are any lawyers out there, any arm chair lawyers, want to be lawyers. So leave
us a comment on You Tube or Facebook, or on Twitter or you can find me on Twitter at @anniegaust
and we’ll get to the review in a second but first let’s thank our sponsor. Only suckers pay full price. If you love brands,
like Kidrobot, Hurley and Stussy, but hate paying full price for them, listen up. There’s
a new invite only shopping club called Jackthreads and you can score premium brands for up to
80% off every day without ever having to leave the house. Oh and by the way, it is completely
free to join Awesome. Go to to instantly start saving up to 80% off without
ever having to leave the safety of your computer. On to the snap judgments, in the past few
days Stephanie reviewed Infect Them All for the Ipad, and as a lover of zombies and vampires
and all things that bite, we were surprised to find this game was lacking in payoffs,
so much that she did not recommend the download. Boring zombies? Weird. Not so weird, they
don’t do much. But they bite. Graham took a look at the recently updated
Spy Mouse, a fun puzzler that borrows some of the game mechanics from Flight Control,
which is totally fair apes since this is another fireman game. Great art direction, fun puzzles
and casual enough to pick up for a quick game. Graham says download. And, back at the office, Chris Jennings is
going to take a look at Sport Caster for Android devices. Football fans, pay attention. Non
football fans, hand out. Chill, have a drink. Hey guys, Chris Jennings here. It’s September,
it’s means football, and it means fantasy football. Today, we’re going to take a look
at an app that will help you use Twitter to get the most out of your sports watching and
more specifically your fantasy football, your fantasy sports that you do on your computer.
We all love Twitter and we love sports so here’s an app that brings them together.
I’m talking about Sport Caster, a free Twitter aggregator on Android. Sport Caster comes
from the same people responsible for popular twitter client, Tweet Caster. It claims to
offer fans a personalized, real time source of sports commentary. So what does that mean?
Choose the game you want to see, fire up Sport Caster and see what fans, players and analysts
are saying about it in real time. There are a number of options to customize your Twitter
feed by sports or by tweets targeted to a specific game. This feature works great when
you are watching the game live, but it’s also cool if you want to know what your favorite
sports figures are thinking, at any given time. And for us that’s involved in the
world of fantasy sports, you can also filter to review only fantasy related tweets, keep
a leg up on your competition. There’s also some additional stats features to keep up
with your division standing in the NFL as well as the scores and stats of the games
that have taken place. So that is Sport Caster in nutshell, I know there are a lot people
out there who love checking Twitter while they are watching sports, but is this the
way to do it? Let’s look at some pros and cons. First up, the pros. It’s got a great looking
interface; it’s really easy to navigate around the different ways to look through
the tweets. Also, it’s really great for people trying to discover new followers on
Twitter, if you want to find out who’s tweeting about a certain sport, you may not have known
about them prior to using this app, so it’s a great way to discover new people to follow.
Also, it’s really great because its sorts through all of the clutter on Twitter. There
are a lot of guys out there talking about sports on Twitter and you don’t want to
look through all that yourself. It gets rid of all that for you, does the work for you,
nice and clean, easy to follow. There are some cons though. Now they say that
a lot of these cons will be fixed in future updates, but as of right now, this is only
available for NFL and NCAA football. Hopefully there will be some new sports coming soon.
But not yet. Also they promise better fantasy integration so right now you can search by
tweets related to fantasy sports in general but you can’t narrow it down to specific
people who are on your fantasy team. In the future, you should be able to integrate your
specific team into the app and then they will look for tweets based on that. Also, there’s
not a whole lot of Twitter functionality in this, it’s not going to replace your normal
twitter client. There’s some basic functionality with re-tweeting and replying but you’re
still going to need a full blown Twitter client if you are going to be immersed in this whole
Twitter world while you are watching sports. So I think that Sport Caster is a definite
download, I think you guys should try it out this weekend while you are watching some of
the football game. It’s a free app to download, try it out, let us know what you think. You
can get in touch with me personally at You can also check out the rest of the App
Judgement crew at
and you can check out our other episodes on So go ahead, check
it out, enjoy the football this weekend and let us know what you think. Talk to you soon.

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