100 thoughts on “SPECIAL Wizard Skin in Brawl Stars!

  1. Miren el trailer y si luego barley se une y los demas luchan contra mortys y spike :V y barley va por crow

  2. Clash of clan = barbarian goblin and wizard
    Clash royale = muskeeter
    Brawl stars = Barley and crow

  3. 0:14 woah there buddy old on to ur pants not hats man so does that mean that the fire wizards fire powers are gone?

  4. Ur stupid game won’t give me my wizard barley for some reason when I do the super cell I’d fix it

  5. Give me a legend, please, I beg you with all my might. if I do not I will cry until my eyes turn red like the fire of hell😭😭😭😭

  6. Yo viendo él tráiler me percató que hay una mosquetera en clash of clans y tambien me entero que brawl stars es en él mismo universo que COC y CR

  7. Me:*makes an brawl stars account*
    Also me:Lets make an supercell id account to keep my account safe
    Login succefull
    unlocking barley and his skin
    Me:OmG a ExTrEmLy rArE bRaWleR

  8. 0:20 Barley is a cyborg or straight robot? Rico voice sounds computer, but barley is different and has one eye same as Rico… that doesn't matter, my point is how did he just inhale?

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