Spartans All-Access | Football Fall Camp Pt. 1

Spartans All-Access | Football Fall Camp Pt. 1

– You cannot be scared! We back! – Come on man. It’s a new year, let’s get it! – [Coach Brad] Here we go! Here we go! (whistle blows) (players cheer) (applause) – Spartan Dogs! – Hee! – Spartan Jacks! Team Ready? – Ready! – Begin! – S-P-A-R-T-A-N-S-R ! Hoo! – Yes sir, come on. – Best team’s emphasis! Everybody working. Here we go. – Come on boys, let’s go! – Number one’s go on, here we go! – Dogs on one. Ready, one! – Dogs! – That’s it. Good, good. – Eyes, eyes, eyes! Go. Get down big guy! You gotta get down. Good, good, good. – Again, if I weave you this way, you’ll zone turn-in and then you’ll break opposite 45. If I weave you this way, you’ll zone turn-in breaking out of 45 opposite. All right? You guys got me? – Yes, sir! – All right, here we go. Set, hit! Here we go, open! Go, go, go! Come on, come on! Fast, fast, fast! Can we do that every single time? We need that same effort
every single time. It’s all good on day one. But for me to become better and better, I gotta do it all the time. You guys got me? – Again, again. Again, same group again. – You did a normal push like
you’re in a winning position. You just pushed him back, okay? The object here is to
(grunts) turn the shoulder. Okay? Otherwise he’s not
gonna let you do that. Again, here we go! Do it again, get a rep! (whistle blows) – Set, hut! Eyes, eyes, eyes, come on, here we go. Good, good, get the inside foot there. – [Coach Alan] Come on, come on, come on! (hip hop music) – Go, go, go! – Talk to them about the first day. Good first day today. – Great first day. – Ready to work. Great first day! – Easy first day. Killing it. – Let’s go. – Freshman Matt. You know we own that. – Smooth first day, real smooth, you know. Got my dawg, Kenny, back. – The young bulls look good. Matter of fact, put the
camera on Coach Burton. He looks good.
– Look? He look good. – Ain’t got nothing. Y’all
don’t see no ugly people. (players chat) (laughter) – You know, it’s good
to get back out there. It feel good running around. Just get back and watch the
film and improve tomorrow. – Just working on getting back
into the rhythm of things. You know, getting my feet back under me. Receivers look good out here. So it was a good first day. – Always gotta get better
and there’s always things that you can still work on. Even being older guy, you know? I’ll be a redshirt senior this year and I still got lots of
stuff I got to improve on. – The first day is always, it’s the start to the rest of the season, so I think we got a good
first day under our belt. We come back out tomorrow
and get better, so… (players murmur) (dubstep music) – All right, here we go! Back up, let’s get back up! – Oh yeah, good hip pop. (group chatter) – Yeah, let’s see that
power fellas, come on now! (group chatter) (grunts) – Like that, like that, like that. Yeah, we working today. We working. – Hey, be great on one. One! – Be great! – Good afternoon, everybody. Appreciate everybody being
here, first of all, and I think about two weeks ago
I went through everything so, you know we’re on day four right now, I continue to be impressed
with our student athletes, our football players, in terms of how they’ve handled things, their leadership, the way
they’ve gone about their business on the field here in these four days. Getting guys as many
reps as we can right now. They’re working hard. – What’s up, everybody? It’s Matt Dotson, tight end. We’re on our way to media day. I’m with Cole Chewins. – What’s going on? – La’Darius Jefferson, running back. – C. Hey, you already know. – We got our chauffeur, Cody Cox. And then, the man, the myth,
the legend, Coach Bollman. Today’s gonna be a great day. – Everybody feels like we’re together. It feels like a second family on the team. – Waiting on August 30th to get here. Run out that tunnel for the first time. – We try to coach the younger guys and you know, Coach Burton tries to coach me. – It’s early on in camp so
obviously we have a lot more things we have to work
out in it’s entirety. (group chatter) – It’s fourth down. Get on your feet and get loud! – Let’s get crazy! – Te, talk crazy. – Behind the scenes. Tough
game. We on that this year. – Got a few questions for you.
Got a few questions for you. – Yeah, yeah, what’s up? What’s up, buddy? – Who’s the best cook on the team? – The best cook on… Imma have to go with Josh Butler. – Who dresses the best on the team? – Who dresses the best? I mean, biased opinion, I think it’s me. You know, I come with new fits everyday. I really been doing this
since I was maybe this tall. – Who has the best
celebration on the team? I don’t know who took it
first, it was Kenny or X, I don’t know, but they do the little… That’s my favorite. (both laugh) – Yeah, okay, okay. You heard it here, Kenny
and X best celebrations. Who’s the best looking guy on the team? – Oh, me, duh. Next. Duh!

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