Spain vs Poland Fiba Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Spain vs Poland  Fiba Basketball Match World Cup 2019

ah in the Final Four Carlin gay
alongside I need the crowd here and I expect nothing different here tonight
Poland is one of those Cinderella stories your Czech Republic that we saw
earlier on in the competition the trouble is if they come out today
they’re gonna be planets it just literally keep them serving down to
under 20% from the three-point line with the time they have in this world coppers
told us at the team game Czech Republic ambition has gone up as
you mentioned stars litter all over the Spanish roster not a who’s who of his
World Cup and Mike Taylor’s been in charge since 2014 on the other end
Sergio Sperry olaf’s with guys who may not be here for years on the wrong side
of 30 you see the bracket will have Spain and Poland has it gone final yet
where and simple looking gentlemen Rob well
these guys definitely do 32 teams they’re in the final eight and it’s due
to those five guys right there Wow putting Karen Weston ski I’ve got of
course you see the starting five for Spain led of course by their man maestro that seam between the full pressure and
the help appear kilometers here in China slaughter watch by Rubens slaughter
pulls up for two and knocks it down who exist shits T on the drive floaters
their common so far in this here in China really ass Rubio for to get back
to the soap and dick go in the steel hole and look in the run they got
numbers inside South all surveys the situation now goes sort the double King
Lee so Rubio three most soul to return passive flavor
he’s inside to pull offenders rap water for three SkyDrive inside
mister my line the heart that was getting them Rudy except the pastor of
the soul at average age of twenty nine point six it not just thirty on the
right side of it floor as well for space soul fiber shit Steve Robey cool it for three got
it don’t mess on the role of hero offensive boards just gonna move this
around a bit more romance inside two men game I saw rusty puts it on the deck in
the corner with Nick Cup read read top down is long ball I’ve got my spinning
who like sees the lane trip we’ve got it back slaughter inside we’re gonna go
back for three any shots they want screw it down the lane away from on the line
who Luke please slaughter for threat hauler Elsa Ross neon hand now a much
smaller Slater trying to graph a level for the Hall of this game they cannot
have a dry spell here what and this is wide open sees it up and got it by Rudy
go to work now puts it on the deck shifts inside sauce way from the bull to keep the defense
honest just checked it for the game that was five and read is there and sell
schinsky right back to slaughter plenty of time to shoot for slaughter
Jesus dances with it pass inside he has a clean line of sight to the bull Rubio
looking for his soul was water on his back pick up a sole flashing inside now
gets the pass as did the action to the hoop he didn’t get sent these two things
he’s been quiet here in this first half you can drive inside there’s no waist
down unless he has a obviously we’re looking at what looks like a key now
with 8 points looking for 9 slow to start this second half the first
complete defensive breakdown you can see Rubio now the sole wide over underneath
tapped it right back up to Fernandez step-back three and the easy way back in
this Rubio driving inside the tough pastor Rudy for three he’d really
they’ll keep going to it until he has some Vegas situation Rubio the foggy and
Rubio show soul floater slaughter back to Coolidge drive its
side that being such a luxury to drink in a MVP off your bench there he is hold
it down on a probe get this lead to muskie three can’t get it to go
tapped off the rim slaughter driving 10 to 10 rule high off the glass
holy get it good strike the distance as we close the third nice spin in five
four three no good Rubio ahead or yellow with time tries
again this to record three left it short Rubio quick the other way Bernie Gomez driving it
Rubio roving finds Ernie Gomez good job spitting away from this but
they’ve got a little cold throw it in them hold this happening with Marcus ole
on the bench as well step back Jimmy God everyone’s gonna
move though get it back and go at it great job by others stop it and get in
the back it’s key to the deals trying to silence the crowd you’ll for three in
and out earning no mess again finds Rubio sends a three got Ruby Oh sends
another three on Ricky Rubio at one time in his career the essence for both saw
great pad throw be the feed inside to Gasol have a look at the app it’ll take
us far too long as we explain at this point in time because they deserve it but I played a tough matchup 1978 Spain
over nachos you

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