Spain v Serbia FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Spain v Serbia  FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Paul again figures out and then you’ve
got that pass coming puts him on a bitch fuck down image hitting he’s not quick
enough to roll to the basket and he Vincent and he throws it down distance
they’re getting that extra pass inside and religion of making sure where that
throw down right now Serbia just moving the boys locus now three games still
being played on day one buzzer that’s the way to end an excellent third
quarter no help defense and a part of the Philippines interior defense on the
collapse is gonna make its move right now angry black numbers now okay
with the Yogi’s what a beautiful pass coming from mintage it’s down low Ali you parent Gomes jams it down helps
here’s the alley-oop great eyes there from third one in a row even he’s
already got three oh nice pass Oreo low with the throwdown look at this again
it’s just great vision from Yui so it’s always nice when you have two of the
greatest point guards in the world yeah what he can do when you play
through him Rodriguez trying to fire it over Gasol
look who’s out in front is you a for the layin for to some nights where we don’t
shoot the ball as well as we’d like but we’re gonna win games and be in games if
we defend every night so if I’m with coach schedule and then Yogesh hideous
he’s bumped it gives him the ball well the baseline shot maluca though a
great point you just made Josh about the italians packing the paint and making it
a little more difficult for Serbia they’re going to limit their possessions
we saw the of HR water pass to buy out of its beautiful dish grippy homage
wanting to impose themselves let’s check this pass up that is an awesome brings
it down oh my Janna vich roi your bitch is in all the space he wants Rip’s the
rebound that’s a big-time no-look pass Yuri beautiful little pastor puncher and
Gomes and maybe that will get Spain started all the help comes across way to
must in cheer was too far under the basket that left turn and Gomes wide
open for the catch and slam see you later
eats away and gets the shooters roll this is yo you eat Yuri throw something
yeah there we go let’s look at the dunk first I thought
really Herman Gomes just wonderful touch yeah do that with your left hand on the
move over the retreating slow start from him albeit that he’s got five points to
his name just too many turnovers for his liking as Rudy Fernandez knocks down a
long three before he had full control of the ball that’s a great job
hi I’m coke don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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