Spain v Poland FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

Spain v Poland FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

these only three games still being
played on day one gets it oh no the buzzer that’s the way to end an
excellent third quarter open things up a little bit for Colin’s inside without
forming ours in there with cell beautiful bounce pass third one in a row
even he’s already got three oh nice pass Oreo low with the throw down look at
this again it’s just great vision from Yui so it’s always nice when you have
two of the greatest point guards in the world yeah nice cot Oh beautiful finish making it
look easy and right now Poland’s execution offensively what he can do
when you play through him Rodriguez trying to fire it over Gasol look who’s
out in the front is you a for the layin for to some nights where we don’t shoot
the ball as well as we’d like but we’re gonna win games and be in games if we
defend every night so if I’m with coach Scott underway and defense by Sun and it
leads to the opportunity chase-down block back to the knit coat landed
awkwardly but watch here the chase down time that perfectly in spanks it off the
backboard Wow quite possibly the play of the game
they’re going to limit their possessions would you give him that much space
you know that he does not lack confidence ye gentle and the big three
slaughter the answer to it immediately slaughter would be enough AJ slaughter a
couple steps behind the three-point line drills it not sure where URI beautiful
little pastor poncho that Gomez that maybe that will get Spain started all
the help comes across why to must in she was too far under the basket that left
turn and Gomez wide open foot of the catch and slam we do someone for China
played an eight games of the most games for any Chinese players hope it goes to
panenka see there’s a turnover as we pass by
chaotic Zoo can it tell you like just eats away and gets the shooters roll so
do you eat URI throw something there we go
Eric he’s been a hot guy oh my lord Erin’s cell just goes up and he gets the
alley-oop and all of a sudden Poland start to believe in themselves
look at that pass oh all the way home right there for Erin so and watch it
again from the different angle Erin she’ll getting the job done Victor
klava robbed a nice bank cause he do it then I go that’s all my words wanna move
what a drive initially nice job by flavor and then up up and away for
Willie Herrmann Gomes left hand duck so high I’m coping
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