Spain v Italy FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

Spain v Italy FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

all moving around for Italy Chantilly on
the outside being defended by Troy Rosario there’s the pick by the Liga champions going Toit passing it over to
Belinelli with a ball fake marco belinelli with a miracle shot 3.8 seconds to go too easy time space for the Philippines again nobody going in for an offensive
rebound put back but slamming home watch it from a different angle this is my
house he says feels like they settle into it a little bit little de novo
sweaty Ruby I wasn’t too far away from that just dropping in by yourself
he’s only three games still being played on day one that’s the way to end an
excellent third quarter the body on everybody they lose get another rebound shoot six the trade Jeff Brunson checked
in for Vinita who just committed a foul earlier Daniel Hackett penetrating
looking for Tommy I want to call in the miracle man he’s had some tremendous
here’s the valley and territory the replay miss Brooks no regard for human
life whatsoever blue bass now looking for Tessa Tori but that a lot definite
Marrero making it hard good defense by the big man by territories by Yanni Loretta you
watch this move right here like this Atari
the step-back thing and then the off-balance Ali apparent Gomez jams it
down helps here’s the alley oh great eyes there from third one in a rut Levin
he’s already got three oh nice pass Oreo low with the throwdown look at this
again it’s just great vision from Yui so it’s always nice when you have two of
the greatest point guards in the world yeah
screen from Gasol Colome moves it on one more to Fernandes stairs it down for
three you said about winning the last of Rubio turning quickly Rubio lays it in
what he could do when you play through him Rodrigues trying to fire it over
Gasol look who’s out in front is you a for the layin for to some nights where
we don’t shoot the ball as well as we’d like but we’re gonna win games and be in
games if we defend every night so if I’m coach they’re gonna limit their
possessions their song hi I’m Colby don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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