South, North Korea men’s World Cup qualifier in Pyeongyang: Game forecast with Paul Neat

South, North Korea men’s World Cup qualifier in Pyeongyang: Game forecast with Paul Neat

so South and North Korea may not be
conversing much these days but the two sides meet later this Tuesday afternoon
for immense football World Cup qualifier match in Pyongyang it is the first
inter-korean home game for the North Korean men’s team in nearly three
decades but even before the opening kick at Pyongyang is Kim min-jung stadium the
North is pitching a shutout against the South no live broadcast no cheer squad
no traveling news media will this impact game results what kind of a game do we
expect while joining me live in the studio is football columnist and
associate editor for Kaley United Paul neat Paul welcome to the program thank
you now our South Korea’s 25 members squad includes top athletes who compete
in the English Premier League Germany’s Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga now are
compared with South the South global trotting stars North Korean team we
don’t know many of the stars or players now who do you know what do we know
about them wholly on the roster who plays right who plays left now who
should our Italian or something mean on be on the lookout for yeah it seems that
they’ve kept a good core of the squad from the last World Cup qualifying
campaign the sort of the spine of the team with the two centre backs and we
feel play and a striker dongil Guan who scored two goals against Lebanon earlier
in the campaign so he’ll be once won for a South Korea
to look out for he’s got a good mudal off the ball it’s got two really good
goals as well so he’ll be one to watch now what are the North Korean teams
strengths I mean other than you know playing on home turf perhaps for in this
case they train with each other on a day-to-day basis compared to the South
Korean side where they’re all over the world so it’s hard for them to you know
train with each other so on a daily basis
artificial turf that’s something that the South Korean team is not too
familiar with which the communal stadium is it is what it is now what these
factors work against the South Korean team and in
favor of the north and what are some factors the North Korean team is is
strong in yeah they’re very well organized they’ve got a tight defense
they’ve kept to a clean sheet in their last two games and yeah the whole record
is good they’ve won the last five games in a row now so they’ll be feeling
confident but yeah like you said they train together every day so there’s that
teamwork and the cohesion that they’ve had South Korea don’t have that time to
prepare as much as North Korea but yeah the the artificial turf will be an issue
because the way the ball bounces him behaves a lot different to real grasp or
hanging bomb who plays in the MLS now you place the Vancouver Whitecaps he
play their home pitch is also fake so he’ll be used to it and a lot of the
plays won’t be right and I’m no football expert but what I what I’ve read is that
you were different football shoes yeah yes that’s right yes there’ll be molded
studs so they’re a lot shorter for this kind of system is that a different
different feeling unfamiliar feeling for the players to be running on on molded
shoes I guess yeah the the your touch will be that little bit less precise in
these kind of shoes because they’ve got like a lip around the front and like you
would in a normal pair of shoes so yeah it’s the pitch will be different and
also their shoes at them away also have a different feel to it now drawing from
North Korea’s win over a Lebanon like you said and Sri Lanka and of course
South Korea’s win over Sri Lanka what’s your strict assessment of each
football team’s competence well they’ll be very well organized they’ll be in a
4-4-2 I think I saw a JSON say that that’s what they’ll be expecting them to
play 442 with a counter attacking football I think we’ll try and get men
behind a ball and make life very difficult for South Korea and South
Korea do find it hard to break teams down that do do this get them behind the
ball and make it difficult so I think we’ll have quite
interesting affair no beer be a game that doesn’t have too many goals in of
course this trickster hasn’t had that many goals in the past one kneels and
Neal Neal’s and stuff like that so it turned to South Korea they like to get
the ball in the round the final third and try and exploit the space between
the full-back and the center back using those those three attacking midfield
players and the one forward so if it’s a match of two different styles of
football but it’ll be quite see well the outcome is no there isn’t
interestingly enough there is a North Korean player by the name of hyung song
who recently signed with who ventas under-23 team so he’s probably the only
North Korean player who plays with an overseas team other than Chung days hate
right who is not actually a North Korean North Korean yeah yeah there is one more
dongle Guan who plays in Switzerland occasionally but yeah like I said Han he
plays for Vincent under-23 s and from what I’ve seen of him in Italy he’s very
skilful – very quick feet he likes to drop deep as well so whoever is that’s
playing in that defensive and fuel playing role I can Solanki it was pecks
on hole but I’d imagine it was someone more experienced like dong goo Jung
whoever is a plays in that role we need to read the game well and not commit
themselves too much so that they they leave space in behind so he’s a very
skillful player so there is a possibility for a Chun Lee Jung to b2b
marketing him I would I would expect so yeah I would expect it to be him some
moment more experienced because of the atmosphere and the conditions person
coughs he’s very highly rated by Paulo bento it seems so it maybe he’ll we’ll
get started if he does they’ll be a huge vote of confidence for him but this kind
of game needs someone leaves a lot of experience both in that area and also
all around the pitch as well absolutely so how many points must spent his team
for South Korean team earned from this game and what about the North Korean
side what kind of how many points are the vying for I think if
South Korea can get a point get draw that we’ve seen as an old Caviezel it’s
very difficult these kind of games in hostile atmospheres with not always the
forces if they can get a point not without be fine anything else after that
will be a bonus but for North Korea there’ll be expected to win you know
they’ve got a huge crowd there maybe even if Kim going on is in attendance
then even more so so for them it definitely at least a draw and a draw
might see both teams a draw ya know like you said South Korean players are
familiar with a die-hard Red Devil fan screaming in their support to I mean go
gore and whatnot at the top of their lungs no this time around it’ll be you
know near silence and when they play I would imagine there no life broadcast no
news media coverage and no cheer squad what kind of a factor I mean does that
work how does that work for the players mental health I mean the mental being
when they when they when you play yeah be very strange atmosphere fall and will
be an experience that they probably haven’t experienced too many times
before and probably won’t do ever ever again but you know that the play is like
a Solomon is played at the highest level in Europe he’s gone to difficult places
with Tottenham and stuff so it will be difficult but it’s not something that
the experienced players haven’t done that haven’t experienced before right so
um since the live broadcast is is not allowed this time around how do you plan
to watch this game how do you plan to follow this game tonight well I’ll just
have to keep keep watching the Korean Football Association’s source of media
and see if they’re going to provide any updates because that’s it seems at the
moment it’s the only way that anybody can can watch should find out what the
score will be so I’m interesting yeah social media it is alright Paul needs
associate editor at K League unite day thank you so much for your insights
today thank you

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