Some events happened in the history of football | pêzanîn û rîdanên yarî ya tepa pêy

Some events happened in the history of football | pêzanîn û rîdanên  yarî ya tepa pêy

hello everyone stay with us to watch this video some information about some events that happened in football history its been a century that most of people engaged to this game for some people its not only the game to have fun to watch but it became something necessary in their life 22 players are running behind the ball and making people enjoy watching them football has even ended enmity between many countries but sometimes opposite of that made political troubles between some countries the most iportant thing is the joy that this game giving us in those 90 minutes in this video we are going to mention some events happened of the king of all games (football) before we start please subscribe to our channel and click that bell button to see our new videos later fake fans from north korea if you remember north Korea in world cup 2010 south Africa as a dictatorial system the president of North Korea sent a letter to North Korean football association to rent some people from china to represent their fans in this competition because people of North Korea are not allowed to get our of the country horses were the reason when football came to life it might be such a strange thing that this game was a polo game in past at that time only rich people and family of the king could only play this game in england and then they played it with no horses and sticks but feet then it became very popular game deadly lightning when football reached Africa specially Democratic Congo after a big storm the whole team got hit by deadly lightning and injured them badly but the miracle was nothing happened to other team at all women football is not popular like men football but its fun some other ways USA captain has transferred to men team after scoring 24 goals in 3 games one of the Mexican fans extinguishing this candle stay with us to listen to this funny and silly story after France won the world cup 1998 for that reason That Mexican fan peeing on that candle and extinguishing it that candle is an honor of France martyrs of world war 2 and no one tried to touch it before but that fan peed on it and extinguished it it is such a funny and silly story you may not believe this , this picture has been taken during the world war one between Germany army and England these 2 armies are getting ready to play football also coronation after the match get end but the crazy thing is after that football match they were going back to fight each other again Pele is saving Nigeria in 1967 during the Nigerian internal war they agreed to stop fighting for 48Hrs because they wanted to watch football specially watching Pele when he was playing football Brazilian’s team is the best team ever who won the world cup 5 times but do you know that they have not beat Norway’s team yet if you like this video please like it and share and don’t forget to comment to share your opinion about this video and subscribe our channel thank you for watching subtitle: palawan mayi

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  2. ئەگەر وە ڤیدیویە کا دی چێکر بلا سەر مەزن ترین ریمورتەدا د تەپاپێ بیت

  3. ده‌ست خوش ئبراستی ئه‌ز گه‌له‌ک حه‌ش یاریا ته‌پا پئ دکه‌م
    و داخازئ ژوه دکه‌م کو فیدیویه‌کئ لسه‌ل یاریزان تئرشتئگنی درت بکه‌ن ژبه‌ر کو دبئژن وی ژیانه‌کا فه‌شارتی یاهه‌ی

  4. براستی گەلەک بابەتەکێ خوش بو بابەتێن وەرزی هێشتا بەلاڤ بکە دێ پتر پشتەڤان بوهەوە چێبن 😍😍😍😍😍😍 سەرکەفتی بن ✌

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  6. Az daspeke sopasiya ta dkam no wan pezanina
    Bale ta daspeke axftnaka xalat got
    Chnina hami kas xalat dbn
    Az 7azdkam to pter vidoe binya xar
    !!! Chnki foodball nawaki vidoe dina yen chanalle di !!!!

  7. برا ۲۲ یاریكه رن نه ۲٤ و هه ر ۲۲ دیف ته بی ناكه فن ۲۰ دیفكه فن جونكی دو كولجیت یاری دا و كولجی دی ته بی نا كه فیت به س دكریت و تافیت😊

  8. دە‌ستخوە‌ش،، بە‌لێ تایتلێ ئنگلیزی یێ زێدە‌ یە‌، مادە‌م کوردیە‌ وێ ئنگلیزیێ ژێڤە‌کە‌ جوانتر و باشترە‌.

  9. كه نالي هيز و هيز زبورت و هيز لينان كه ه ئشتراكه و وي زنكلي زي كليك بكه

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