Society Said Girls Couldn’t Play Football — They Do It Anyway #BeFierceTakeControl

Society Said Girls Couldn’t Play Football — They Do It Anyway #BeFierceTakeControl

“You’re too pretty to play football.” “Oh, is it for the Lingerie League?” “Why are you playing football? It’s not for girls.” “You mean soccer?” No. American Football. Real tackle football. My name is Nhandi Brown.
I’m a football player. I started playing around 8 years old and I ended up
being the only girl on the football team. I’ve been around the Sharks since I was little too. I was like, “Oh, I have to be a part of this.” I’m just happy to play. That’s my big accomplishment — that I get to be a
woman part of history. I think we love this game so much and we love our teammates so much that we don’t want to let them down. Playing with women means I get to change my perspective on what a woman is or can do. When I look at the news, there are no girls on there in athletics on television. Society tells you, “You’re not supposed to. You’re a girl.” And I think at this point it
is my job as a coach and the job of my football team, the responsibility of us
strong women to empower girls to let them know that they can do anything they want. It’s all of us together. We are one when we’re on the field. We’re one when we’re off the field. We have that bond. Nothing can break that. We are a group of women that
are defying the odds. Take notice of your superheroism inside because it’s there.
All the sudden this cape comes on you. I had no idea who I was till I became
a New York Shark. So all these years, I’m walking through
life playing small for everybody else, then I became a Shark and I was like,
“Well shoot! Where’d this cape come from?” Right? Use your cape. It’s a sport. I am an athlete. If you’re not in sync with yourself, it
tends to throw you off. And then in a game, it throws the other people you’re playing
with off. You have to be in sync with yourself first in order to be in sync with them. I listen to my body talk to me. My teammates would notice that
something was not right with my body. In a second they would know that. Things that we ignore, it can hurt us. I think we ignore those things because
sometimes we feel like it might — it may be nothing. You do not want to get caught out there if you’re not in tune with what’s going on with your body. It’s like you taking care of
yourself, you have to voice something’s wrong. If your body’s telling you something
doesn’t feel right, definitely go and get it checked out. Listen to your body. Protect yourself. Love yourself. What makes a woman fierce? Standing up and speaking her truth.

69 thoughts on “Society Said Girls Couldn’t Play Football — They Do It Anyway #BeFierceTakeControl

  1. Yes let's promote the sport that encourages people to tackle each other and bump heads. I don't even like it when men play football. But that's just my stupid opinion If you wanna play go ahead

  2. football is my FAV sport and I love it all the boys say I can't play when I ask them so I just cut in when they aren't looking and make a touchdown and then I have to do it all over again the next day,I still have alot to learn bout football but I love it and I won't let the boys get to me and persude my dream to play professional football a mix of girls and boys cause it's fun to play with boys when there not being all prideful and suff

  3. football and rugby are genuine mens sports !!! So if a woman wants to play football … do it but know for one fact that no one will care about that as much as for men !! That's how it is !! DON'T Force something if it isn't profitable and desirable!! Let the men play

  4. I'm a girl and I play varsity football on the team I'm the only girl its awesome I wish more girls would play its so inspiring I've had people talking like wow she's a girl and she's playing football and my season just ended last week I'm a wide receiver and I think playing is awesome I hope to inspire girls everywhere to play. Dont listen to what people say you can.

  5. You will NEVER see women's football rise to the equal of even a Division 3 College Football game. Your not empowering anyone your just making clear the differences and the reasons for them. #linebackergang #realfootballplayer.

  6. girls can't play football it's a man's sport and even if you did make a wnfl which will never happen it will not be popular and profitable,wnba is a perfect example unsuccesful league,so stop trying to play football it's a man's sport

  7. I’m a guy myself and I see that it’s a great idea letting females play, it’s about time they play actual football.😊

  8. if they had girls playing younger id say yeah but these women arnt up to par to play on mens leagues they are slow and unathletic no offense. wont deliver. not against women I just want to see women that are good this is why MMA has the only popular female catagory because the women are athletes that can deliver

  9. I’m terrible at throwing and catching, but that’s not because I’m not strong. I can do a 150 push ups. I hate gender stereotypes, I hope to inspire the world that girls can be strong

  10. Nobody wants to see women trucking each other over. It’s a man sport let the men be men damn. It’s like a dog seeing a fish swimming for hours & saying if he can do it I can do it too & end up drowning like a dumbass

  11. I asked to play football and I was told no bc I’m a girl i said if boys can do cheering and gymnastics y cant a girl play football 🏈????

  12. my dream is to play on a national football team and I'm only 11 I want to learn everything about it and I respect girls playing football just Cuz I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't pursue my dream of football:❩

  13. My dad says I cant play football becase I am a girl in middle school and that the boys will take me down WELL THIS 6th GRADER GOANA STAND HER GROUND.

  14. I’m a soccer player and I started playing soccer when I was 7 in elementary. I was the only girl not afraid to play,I was always chosen last and never wanted in their team..Being a girl doesn’t mean you are weak! I was told to stop playing soccer because I am a girl and I was called names by my team and opponent teams. Well,I don’t care about what boys or other girls tell me because I am strong in my own way and I will never give up on doing what I enjoy,people need to accept the fact that girls can play too!

  15. What a joke! Women can play any sport – BUT they CANNOT survive in a actual game with MEN!!! They do NOT have the speed, size or physicality to play against men

    Even these ADULT women would get taken to task by a decent boys varsity HS football team!( a 17 yr old 5'11 , 200 lb " boy" would run over these women!) A male Jr College team with crush them and even the lamest D2 team would send most of them to the hospital before the end of the 1st half

    And the slam at " Legends" Football?? Those are WOMEN who HIT hard and play FOOTBALL- sadly they do have a " skin" gimic but the reality is they play a fast, hard hitting uptempo form of the game that does suit certain characteristics that are part compatibility and part show man ship( bet most legends players are faster than this full pad tackle womans squad!)

  16. No one ever said women can’t play football. People say women can’t play football with MEN. Hella body bags on the field if women played at a high level with men. It’s not even fair lmao

  17. I hate society;-; they restrict wemen and girls alot which is unfair also I used to play football well kinda now

  18. When ppl say woman can’t play football, do they mean professionally or just in general? I think they just mean professionally, (at least that’s what I say). They CAN “play football”, like the game. It’s fun. But if they’re wondering why they’re not on tv and not popular, it’s bec it’s not entertaining to watch and they’d never be physically able to play in the men’s NFL.

  19. This video is inspiring bc I'm trying out for da football team for the first time😬 I'm nervous but I ain't quiting💯😍

  20. Its all fun and games until brain damage further down the road sets in…. now womens Rugby, thats a fucking sport. Rugby is all the brawl without the side effects of brain damage😂

  21. We definitely shouldn't intermix genders when it comes to playing tackle football. Females may feel empowered by playing that sport with males. But that stops quickly when an athletic 5'6" 130 lb girl is crushed or possibly killed by an athletic 6'4" 230 lb guy. Let girls play golf, tennis or softball with boys. That way win or lose, they live another day.

  22. Nobody:

    Literally Nobody:

    Women: always trying to be like men even though they will never amount to anything

  23. There isn’t a woman on the planet that could play on a D3 school, or even a halfway decent high school. Men and women are different biologically. When you find me a woman who is over 6 feet tall, can bench 300 pounds AND run a 40 in under 4.6 seconds, then we will talk. Until then, women have no place on the football field after pop-warner other than in a women’s league or as cheerleaders or broadcasters.

  24. I only watch women football because then I can look at sexy ass women, and laugh at stupid women who can’t play football

  25. I think girls should have there own league because some boys do not want to hit a girl and that’s the issue that I am facing in my 8th grade of school

  26. All girls just have to top men. Can men have one thing to do by their selves because ,hockey,boy Scouts,and more are gone. The girls are awesome at is ,softball, basketball,soccer,and more. Girls can do the things boys can do to a point. Boys can do what girls can do to a point. Girl Scouts and boy Scouts should be separated so everyone can have something to be proud of cause of what they have.👍

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