Soccer Trapping Skills and Techniques : How to Trap the Soccer Ball with Your Chest

Soccer Trapping Skills and Techniques : How to Trap the Soccer Ball with Your Chest

Now what I want to get into is trapping with
your chest and your shoulders. Basically what this is useful for is when there is huge balls
that are in the air and they are coming down to you, you have to be able to receive them
as soon as possible. If you wait for it to come down your feet somebody else is going
to get it so this is how it works. With the chest you want to hold out a flat surface
and then just drop it right in front of you or you want to pop it up and it will come
right down to you. One thing about trapping is deciding where you want to put the ball
next like do I want to go this way with it or do we want to go the other way with it.
So the first touch off of the ball is always the first more important you don’t even have
to let it have to hit the ground if you don’t want to.

58 thoughts on “Soccer Trapping Skills and Techniques : How to Trap the Soccer Ball with Your Chest

  1. "huge balls coming down on you.. you gotta be able to receive them as soon as possible".. I saw the inuendo there 😀

  2. What's up with the nasty comments?
    though I'll agree he's no Ronaldinho, his pourpose with the video was not to show off "amazing skills" but to talk about how to recieve the ball and what to do with it. I also think everyone got the general idea if they watched the video.

  3. k lol man , u are doing it right when poping it up but, that isnt a hard ball it seems, try doing it whit a hard ball, its mutch difference,
    and for next time, please do something good before sending in a vid

  4. No reason to h8, this probably helps some people. I mean come on whats your guy's problem, theres nothing wrong with this vid.

  5. well im just sayin he took the time to at least try to help out some people, and not like he does it totally wrong, theres SUM right. just sayin dont have to be so mean bout it.

  6. u suck man !!! really …i can tell that u learn at the age of 16 or so ! …. no a pro like me ! … asswads

  7. what if you're a girl?
    it doesn't change anything. it's still trapping. it just gives a little extra cusion 🙂
    but seriously. this guy sucks at trapping the ball. i chest the ball better than this guy.

  8. I would seem so, viewer1112, but if let it bounce on ur chest the ball will be close to you .If u let it bounce on the floor, it might go to the opponent.

  9. ouch at 00:54 it hit his crotch =) no offense but it looks like he's not pro and he sucks… his skills were like when i was 6 XD

  10. itd probly b better not to post your opinion on something u know nothing about, u might not sound quite so dumb, might

  11. HUGE BALLS IN THE AIR?? WTF hahahhahah if you have played soccer for more than 1 year you know how horrible this guy is. Your shit is weak son.

  12. This geezer is shit, he's got a nerve to be posting these instructional vids on YouTube, guy could do with a few lessons himself mate.

  13. mate you have a shitty technique…. dont do that seriously cause if u do first of all the ball is gonna bounce randomly…u have to take the chest to the back at the moment of trapping the ball so your body absorves the force of the ball, it also helps if you leave one foot on the back and the other one in the front so at the moment of trapping the ball you take all your wight on the backfoot…..but these yank is one of the worst players ive seen…hala madrid

  14. oohh is that how you do it? now i got it! listen as he gets the ball on his chest the second time and looses his breath xD

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