Soccer Training | How To “Mind-Control” Your Teammates

Soccer Training | How To “Mind-Control” Your Teammates

today’s soccer training lesson is not
about using your feet is not above the theater is not about tactics on board
it’s about this right here is about this rain here I think a lot of us out there
were great players got good skill got good tennis but we’re not making as big
of an impact on the game we’re not making as big of an impact on our team
as we should be because we’re not communicating properly and we don’t have
the right mindset the right attitude when it comes to dealing with our
teammates so what have you today is actually a clip that I released in a
video a while ago but it’s so important that we might see it again so check on
this video is all about how to communicate and how to get the most out
of your teammates especially when they’re not playing the way you want
them to play I think we can agree that there sometimes when your teammates they
really frustrate you because maybe they’re not playing quick enough and
often smarter not harder toughen up with enough energy or intensity with enough
urgency certain things will frustrate you and it
almost feels like he can’t do anything about it and maybe even worse you start
expressing that frustration when your hands up in the air moaning groaning
what the hell are you doing game really frustrating showing this emotion ok but
guess what isn’t gonna make them play any better now I know especially in
countries with different countries real football countries kinase mistake his
teammates after you doing and they’re all over him verbally just tearing apart
and they think that that’s going to make a play better and for some players in my
case but personally I think there’s a better way to motivate your team and
played when you want to play and that is by leading by example my teammates to
play with warnings you weren’t St I need to do that I need to be pressing guys I
need to be closing in Gastown I need to be getting a really intense cool here
are four tackles you may see me then they’re going to get a little
energy that can do that for the team I’m gonna do that for the team case was down
eighteen as well when you’re on the ball making sharp touches on plane quick
passes are demanding the ball I’m really positive with my movement when I talk
saying yes everything sharp it’s quick it’s gonna encouraged gonna force your
teammates to play the same way if I play you a little once you pass and i dont
really quick and sharp in your super slow on the ball and you get a couple of
will realize okay a lot different than when I’m doing ok lead by example lead
by example defensively depressing with your test 12 tackles and when you’re on
the ball how quick your plane how to read your
playing style influenced three teammates also communications absolutely key
influence my teammates by the way I can find super quiet and I don’t even open
my mouth I really have no effect on my teammates they don’t really know what I
want from them ok now tho confuses I’m not getting down telling them what are
you doing this I’m just giving verbal descriptive communications so I’m
telling them where to play him say yes yes give it to johnnie yes they quickly
simple a simple yes more quick play the ball inside to this specific I take your
space know time time descriptive communication
berkeley talking not only play not only we stand out impress your coaches you’re
actually gonna have more control over the way you make sure you gonna help me
quickly just gonna get their energy because you got that right energy is contagious and your teammates
will latch onto that will affect the way the case but that is one of your
teammates encourage them give them positive encouragement see
just play a bit simpler just take a good quick I can do better when they do
things extremely important when they do things could freeze them if they make a
nice quick receive and pass a hard tackle do that again and they will be more
inspired because it felt good to get that praise from you in the morning keep
doing it ok so when your teammates are frustrated
when things aren’t going your way you teams not playing the way you want them
to play instead of blaming other people take some responsibility and lead by
example this may be about the hundredth time you heard me say this but I have to
see watching this video is not gonna make you a better player he actually
taking the information in this video and implemented using it when you play will
make you a better players don’t make them stick or just watch video and say I
was great and then go out and do the exact same thing you’ve been doing your
whole life ok you need to change we’re doing in order to get better results so
take this information ok next practice union or next game I
want to think about being a great community here and we think about having
a positive attitude and getting more review team he’s not only will it help
your team play better make you stand out more coaches will notice you try out a
new player in the environment they will notice you appreciate that is so rare ok
lots of us we’ve got great skill we’ve got great fitness I guess but we need to
work on this we need to work on our communication it’s a lost art in this
cave in it you can add it to your day going to be a standout player so thanks
again for watching this video please like give me a quick thumbs up if it
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are soccer training and how to mind control your team

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  2. i'm not winning my teammates trust they don't pass the ball to me
    I know I can create chances and score goals and I'm confident of my self.
    they just don't want me to have the ball, what should I do?
    please reply

  3. Hey dylan. your videos have helped me improve my game alot. i was just wondering if you can cover some of the psychological methods involved in soccer/football. that's thing like visualising good performances and having a pre game plan and also goal setting etc

  4. I watched this video till the end even tho i already knew it all i am trying to do what you Said in this video already because Nobody Else does and there is this guy from my team who keeps on yelling negativ stuff at people thinking that he is leading US i hate him he is like WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING and WHAT DAFUQ WAS THAT FOR A PASS where i am the opposit like oh next time look after people who are free Got space or oh bad Luck you can do it next time but thx for this great video anyways👍

  5. Bro i will take a break for a month. How can i stay fit. I cant afford much time cause i will be preparing for my exam. Any tips abt nitrition as well?

  6. thanks alot Dylan
    for the sale
    I purchased play like a pro…. it was costly for me or for any person living in India but I committed my self that yes I have to become soccer player for that I can do anything I collected money I borrowed from best friends and brothers and purchased your programme as my parents wish me to study but I wish to play….. It was very much useful it helped me guided me alot gave me directions. as I have gone through your all videos of the programme I m gonna action today only even now only I m going to my ball and play thanks alot for the awesome and….
    bestest programme ever….
    thanks alot Dylan Sir… (coach )

  7. +ProgressiveSoccer thanks Dyaln i will use this information and is this on of the things that will get more scouts to watch you?

  8. About a month ago I realised that on the pitch I would shout at someone if they made a really bad mistake. As soon as I realised I started to work on it by making myself say something motivating.


  10. Hey Dylan. I just have a s suggestion/question for you?

    I recently started to work out and try to bulk out and gain muscle since I play defender. I am tall but very lanky and skinny.
    Anyways, I am having trouble bulking and still playing soccer everyday. As you know, soccer burns a lot of calories, and as a result, I am having difficulty gaining weight since building muscle is more about diet than it is about weight training.

    Could you give me some advice on what I can do to combine both soccer and bulking without both of them interfering with another.

    Also, could you make some videos on your gym workouts, the programs you use, anything to avoid, etc.

    Thanks. I just wanted to say thanks for all your videos and guides. There is no one else like you that I know, who is willing to spend so much time devoted to helping others. I wish you a good life.

  11. I like it "lead by example." similar principal can be applied in the workplace and Business. I am quick to take orders from a boss who i know started from the bottom, than a colleague likes too boss others fails lead by example

  12. +ProgressiveSoccer hey I tried to buy your play like a pro formula but when I did I cannot buy when I selected paypal it said this is not available in your currency. and pls tell when I buy that how the audios will reach me?

  13. My teammates should watch this and realize that yelling doesn't help anyone, only creates harm and makes everyone play worse.

  14. I'm in really bad form compared to how I usually play. Is there any way that you could help me get back in good form. Thanks

  15. hey josh i need help. i can pass a ball from long distance and short but during a game my passes seem off and i have trouble making decisions and keeping my head up please help

  16. Dylan I am sorry but I still don't get my 20 minute bonus video identifying worst mistakes and how to fix them from play like a pro. I sent you a proof of my payment and you told me that you were going to give it to me asap. That was a week ago… Thank you in advance

  17. When is slide tackle I am afraid of being stepped on my shin or ankles and get injured because some players don't jump when you tackle them what should I do?

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  19. I love your videos and I'm trying to play college soccer. Would you be able to watch my highlights and give me some tips? If you can I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  20. it helps cuz there was one super good kid on this team I played for and I was the worst players but he always helped and told me what to do

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  22. Dylan sir only captain and are allowed to control in my club and no one listen to me if they do anything wrong

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