Soccer Tips : How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power

Soccer Tips : How to Shoot a Soccer Ball With Power

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach soccer.
And today I’m going to explain to you how you can improve the power in your shot, so
how to kick the ball with power, o.k. So basically you want to first of all pay close attention
on your supporting foot, the landing foot. That foot comes right next to the ball, about
six inches away, o.k. You want to lock your ankles, toes pointing down. You want your
knee over the ball and bring your chest forward as you kick it. So you combine both movements,
leg and upper body movement together, both going forward. Now that’s how you kick a ball.
How do we add the power to that shot? Well, what I’m going to explain might sound a little
funny or might not make sense, but it’s actually, if you watch soccer games, you can, if you
observe it, what I’m going to explain is how most players do it. Which is basically as
you took the shot, you’re actually landing first with the foot that you kicked the ball.
And why is that? The reason you want to do that is because you’re not using just the
strength of your leg, you’re actually using your body mass to power that ball, to transfer
that energy from your body to the soccer ball. O.k., so basically what you do is you come
right at a side angle, you come running to the ball, point your toes down, bend your
knees, you’re going to hit the ball right about the middle, so concentrate on that.
Look at the ball. You already know in your head where the ball is going to go. The swing
of the ball, it’s a quick swing, don’t bring your leg back too much. You kick the ball
and as you kick the ball you are using your upper body mass so that you can transfer that
energy to the ball. Land with your kicking foot first, so that you can push the ball
forward transferring that energy to it. o.k., This takes a little bit of practice. You can
do it without the ball first. Practice landing on your kicking foot first, and then once
you feel comfortable with it, grab a soccer ball and see if you can duplicate that as
well, O.k. So, if you want to get some power in it, have fun with it, go to the park with
your friends and take some shots to go.

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  1. Guys Please Help Me Out This Is Starting To Worry Me…. Basicy I Can Kick A Size 4 Soccer Ball Easily But Have A Hard Ass Time Kicking A Size 5 !!! Is It That My Kicking Strength Weak Or Leg Mustles ? Cause A Size 5 Soccer Ball Seams To Be Heavy Ass Shit To My Foot D: !!!

  2. its because you don't have enough strength to kick it , thats why you need more training and will one day become easier for you to shoot with a size 5

  3. actually American football is rugby for REAL athletes!!!!! not drunks in the park grabbing each others crotches

  4. You know what? No one cares. I play 'soccer'. You play 'football'. Britain actually brought the name 'soccer' to America. You knew what that mean?!it means no one really cares except for you. Shut up.

  5. why does everyone argue about the name football and soccer? i mean really, havent you thought that someone changed the name to soccer so we dont get confused with american football? people who say "lets play football" in america sound stupid because we think theyre talking about american football. british and other countries stick to calling it football and americans will stick to calling it soccer so we dont get it mixed up. now stfu ffs.

  6. I'm a girl and i love to play soccer at my school.I'm not on any soccer team or anything I just like to play for fun.My moms planning to Enroll me in soccer because she fully supports my liking in soccer,but on the other hand my dad doesn't want me to play soccer and thinks it's only a boy sport.But I'm not letting that get in my way.Never give up and follow your dreams. 🙂

  7. Dont go so harsh on him for calling it soccer the name doesnt matter.He's giving people advice on how to get MORE power on ur shot not just power lik all u ones

  8. That's just how Spanish speakers refer to it as. It's an English word and an English sport. So it's football you idiot.

  9. This guys comments are really ignorant because fútbol was a sport way before football.. Only reason it's called soccer is because it's only used in the US, where around the world it's fútbol. Makes more sence tooo because football is with your hands & it's only an American sport. #London

  10. futbol was a sport before football. FOOTBALL is a total different sport. you know? when people run around in tights throwing around a football with their hands? Around the whole world its called futbol not just how spanish speakers refer to it. its not an english sport get over it.

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  12. When you kick the ball with power, you shouldn't kick with your toe right? So if I'm going to kick it with the shoe lace part, is that going to hit the middle of the ball and the toe pointing the ground? Can it be kicked by the side of my shoe laces? Like the inside but titling my feet so the shoe lace part hits the ball, I trie it but I doubt it, or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Thanks!

  13. This video is good but you need to make it a bit longer and then show them the shot with someone in goal

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