Soccer Tips : How to Half-Volley a Soccer Ball

Soccer Tips : How to Half-Volley a Soccer Ball

Hi my name is Guillermo Gomez I coach youth
soccer, and today I’m going to be explaining to you a little bit how to kick a Half-Volley.
So what is a Half-Volley? A Half-Volley is actually when the ball comes at you, it’s
about to touch the ground it actually touches the ground, and as soon as the ball does that
you actually kick the ball. So it is important that as soon as the ball touches the ground
that you watch the ball does it bounce up? Because then you will miss that ball and again
you might look a little funny if you are out there with your friends. So, what are the
proper body mechanics when you kick a Half-Volley? Well first you want to approach the ball at
a slight angle, your supporting foot comes a little bit behind the foot about six inches
away from the ball, your kicking foot is going to approach the ball pointing your toes down,
locking the ankle, and you’re going to be kicking the ball with your shoelace. With
your shoulders going backwards, so the motion is or the idea is to actually lift the ball
a little bit but not too much and you want to strike the ball right underneath with your
toes pointing down, so you can either score a goal or send the ball to one of your teammates.
A good way to practice a Half-Volley is actually to have two players face each other, you put
them about ten yards apart from each other, you want the players to hold the ball on their
hands so for this purposes we’re going to use one ball only. The player holds the ball,
he drops the ball and as the ball touches the ground and tries to bounce up a little
bit you want to kick the ball, in forward motion by landing with your kicking foot as
soon as you have sent the ball to your teammate your teammate will catch the ball with his
hands and you will repeat the exercise exactly the same way. I emphasize on both left and
right, so if they took a kick with their left they will kick with their left first, and
then when the ball comes back to them they will do that with their right that way they
get into the habit of using both feet to work on every kind of techniques for kicking the
soccer ball. So to summarize again, you want to hold the ball you want to watch your timing,
timing as the ball comes down, you want to look at the ball so keep an eye good close
eye on the ball that’s very important and then the ball comes down, bounces before he
takes a big bounce up you actually want to come forward kick the ball, and land with
your kicking foot. So that’s how you can do you can practice a Half-Volley and have fun
with it while you are at the park with your friends.

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