Soccer Tips : How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Soccer Tips : How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez, I coach soccer
and today I’ll talk to you about how to cross a soccer ball. You know, crossing a soccer
ball it’s a lot of fun if you can long balls to your teammates, But the technique might
be a little different depending on where you’re standing on the field. If you are past the
mid field, and you see one of your teammates across the line on the other side, it’s beneficial
to penetrate and attack the other team to send our across to that player. So how do
you do that? You actually want to first look up so you can see your teammate, where he’s
at, so you can decide how much power you’re going to put on that ball when you send that
pass and so that he can receive it easily to continue on with the attack. So as you’re
running with the ball, o.k., you’d look at your player for your teammate first, now you
take a look at the ball, o.k., you’re running with it, you get your feet underneath the
ball, you lock your ankle and you’re going to swing your leg with a inward motion so
you can send the ball across to that play, o.k. That’s easier than a ball that you’re
going to cross when you’re close to the goal line. It’s a little easier because you’re
actually facing forward and so you’re sending the pass in a forward motion. When you’re
actually running with the ball, and going towards the corner area, just before the ball
goes out of bounds, you want to cross it to a teammate that is in a good position to score
that goal. That one, the way you want to do is actually is to what is called your set
up touch. And your set up touch is basically putting the ball in that position that would
allow you to turn your body facing your teammate. So what you want to do first is do your set
up touch at an angle, so basically you’re turning the ball towards the goal and towards
your teammate. Now that you have completely turned your body in that direction, now you
can come, close to the ball, place your foot underneath the ball, o.k., make sure your
body is backwards and not forwards, because you actually want to elevate that ball o.k.,
that is if you have defenders in the middle of that play, so the ball can go right above
them. If you want to coax the ball on the ground, again you want to do your set up touch,
turn your body in the direction that you’re going and bring your body forward, chest down,
keep the ball low so you can cross that ball to your teammate. So that’s how you would
do a cross in soccer.

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  1. it is allright not that bad although they could show by zooming it when the guy crosses or do it in a slow motion so we can concentrate.

  2. i have seen ALL your movies, but u ONLY make them to the LEft Foote´d Players !? Most of us R Right foote´d :O

  3. @12guitarguy12 you do because there are KICKoffs in football, but you really don't use your foot that much in football

  4. @12guitarguy12 sure you do, you can kick the ball when ever you like, you start the game with kicking the ball, you finish a touchdown with a kick, you can kick to the other team if you're out of plays, you can kick for a field goal. Albeit I believe soccer is more suited to be called football, but american football also has its merrits

  5. americans trying teach soccer
    Im from soccerland(brasil) i love usa but no the usa soccer have much progress has

  6. @IGORABDALLA Brasil is "soccerland"?!? it is BRITAIN that is "footballland" and introduced their invention all across the world.

  7. @grechrita completely agreed. It all depends on your technique. A bad player will never even be able to kick a ball properly

  8. @samluke8121 FUCK YOU MAN

  9. i have nothing against american football i think its a great sport (even though i suck at i) but it should be called handball or tackleball

  10. @Cashperov117 look what up lol it has always been football cos the oldest football team in the world are called fc or sc lool

  11. im 15 yrs old and i just played few times football. im bad but i know how should i defend or assist but i get nervous when i touch the ball and my friends start yelling and shouting therefore i lose the control over the ball. so is there a way to become gd at football even if im 15. plzz some body help.

  12. @moe55661 first of all, you need to be confident on the ball, and confident on your attack, if your not confident on the ball you're bound to make silly mistakes and lose control!, try passing and moving with your team-mates and make decent runs down the wing, so they can feed you a decent through ball or feed them balls down the wing – through balls y'know ahah!, that way they will gain confidence in you. 🙂 hope it helps ahah! (:

  13. @Canaara15 thats because it did…. except it wasnt exactly football. played with feet only with 3 small goalpost at each end.

  14. does it matter of you have boots on or can you still do this with your bear foot? also does it matter with which type of ball is used?

  15. pass a ball alot of times to the wall, isnt that the point of a winger? and also learn to elevate the ball in different levels.

  16. practice with a ball whenever your alone your kicks, dribbles and crosses and learn to develop patience. Also you might wanna start building up stamina because with good stamina you get to dribble more with the ball.

  17. And he is correct. Organized football originated in England but the sport was played in China centuries before England was educated about the sport.

  18. Football or soccer? i think its football but who cares. the important thing is that everyone has fun!

  19. Inventing a game in which one kicks a ball around isn't exactly something that takes a brilliant mind. The game was also played by Indian civilizations and that actually was really like the game we love. But it could've been invented independently. The Chinese region has civilizations that date back 25.000 years. I'd be surprised if there weren't several football-like games at the time. Probably the American as well as the original form.

  20. it originates all over the world, it's not a hard sport to come up with, but the modern day version we play was made in england (association football)

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