Soccer Tips ► How To Overcome Soccer Injuries ► Progressive Soccer Training

Soccer Tips ► How To Overcome Soccer Injuries ► Progressive Soccer Training

today’s soccer tips are about overcoming
soccer injuries and this is something that person through in the past it’s something that
most people will go through at some point in their career something that you
might be going through right now if that is the case to help you get over this
problem injury and reoccurring soccer injuries and were poorly knowing what to do when your injury in order to come back at your
best so first of all I should say it can be very depressed and mentally
challenging to be injured not be able to get out there you wash your teammates
play your watching maybe someone take your
spot K and you’re getting worried you depress really want to get out there so
first of all you need to understand that this is going to be a mental struggle as
well as a physical but if you really want this you really want to get back to
playing football need to be strong mentally as well as
physically and the other things were going to talk about in this video cases
the mental strength to say hey I’m gonna be able to get through this and I’m
going to get back to my best whatever it takes to get back to my best and if you
have that attitude talked about in this video will work for you ok so first of all if you’re injured
right now you need to take her body and the best thing for you might be rest K a
big problem is players will get a knee soccer injuries and they’ll come back to assume
Casey need to be honest with your body it’s better for you to rest and missile
on a couple games then come back re-injure so miss out all season listen to your body rest is extremely
important so we need to be like a leg injury he sustained off your feet he
need to be dressed as far as what you’re doing your day Napanee too much strain
on your body but also that sleep at night so you know how your body to
recover nutrition and hydration also extremely important
when your body gets injured those proteins muscle fibers whether it’s a
muscle strain or maybe you broken a bone keep the ligaments and muscles tissue
getting broken down and restore that issue yes the body itself over time do
you need supply it with those nutrients improperly see you broke your leg and
you eat chocolate and candy for three months compared to someone who broke
their leg and in the eighth high quality food I guarantee you there boy would
recover much quicker that someone practice or nutrition while they were ok
so if you want to come back from injury focus on what you’re putting into your
body how do you keep hearing your voice ok
Lawson rest good food and drink lots of water all that is going to help you
recover quickly it’s going to help you come back stronger as well think about is strengthening and
rehabilitate injured so I’ll know when your injury is that you need to
determine the best way to recover and come back stronger key I have a friend
who played with me and he was one of the best players he was so smart but he was
really prone to soccer injuries what happen it’s he was injured or something MCLA CEO of those things me and then he did was just rest and he
came back again and arrested even longer came back again and again and play blues
me again just news gonna happen every time we get to attack me to turn just
knew he was gonna snap and chrome and the sad thing is that was his own fault
because he wasn’t sure he was pretty much guaranteed himself it was going to
happen in case you want to make that mistake come back stronger you don’t have the
same soccer injuries you don’t have any address again need to strengthen your body ability
properly so that usually comes from motion strengthening the muscles in that
range of motion now I don’t know you need to do research and really need to
search how to rehabilitate fractured ankle now suing you out there the advice of a doctor or therapist is
really the best advice you can get all their information following the train
program they can give you what some of us out there we don’t have that luxury
and we need to be our own doctors ok so get that information and then make a
little clapping so how might want to make sure that when I get out there I am
strong and in the gym I’m doing Eastern exercises to strengthen me increase my
flexibility and make sure that this doesn’t happen again oK so that’s really what it comes down
to eat properly water and strengthened rehabilitating your specific injury but
also your old boy now what can you do when you’re injured and you can’t get
out there on the field that really sucks and you want to become a better player
but he can’t get on the ball you can you are shooting in the gym doing what you
can striking nearby use different ways we
should also reviewing game T of yourself reviewing a fleet of other claims
professional players and learning from them watching LOST professional football
is great for your development if you’re actually analyzing and I just watching
what happened actually asking how did that happen what did he do what’s
basically go into key allies in the game becoming a student of the game study and I think it’s also very important
that you are still involved with your team so even if you’re on crutches you
can play is still good to get out there to the fuel watch the team practice
watching TV playing games he’s consistent motivate you gonna make you
hungry see how to get back out there and although it may be to press refresh to
see them playing you can’t play you have to use it as motivation to make you work
hard in the gym to teach your body to rest at least things it’s going to take
to get you back to full fitness so you can get out there on the field and get
back two planes to help you out if you were going through right now this
information will work if you stick with it ever come across the soccer injuries in your
life come back to this video and uses information because it will help you get
through this hard time getting up this video was your mentality ok you can get
to pressing your frustrating give up that’s not gonna get you back on their
own fuel you need to do some reading to be determined to say this is going to be
tough it’s not where we want to be but I mean do whatever I have to do to get
back to fitness let go there and thank you again for watching this video please
give me a thumbs up quickly a long way these closed post your comment below if
you have any tips or advice for getting over soccer injuries have a story about that you
want to share with other people watching this video please comment below if you
have any questions please comment below and thank you once again for watching
this video on soccer tips and soccer injuries

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  2. Love the video, I've only broke my arm once and dislocated my knee once in soccer my main concern is I have a brain injury and it's making me forget and get confused in soccer training and get muddled because of my brain being damaged in different areas, I'm trying to overcome my difficulties but it's pretty difficult because the brain doesn't seem to repair itself like a bone would repair itself 🙁 any tips/help in overcoming something like a brain injury?

  3. every video helps me so much thank you for your help I have a friend that broke his leg and I will share this video to him thank you again

  4. idk if this is an injury or not. My knee hurts after a game or practice but not all the time, it reoccurs from time to time, i say at least three times a week. Is this an injury ?

  5. Mannn thank you so much ! I have a torn ACL and medial meniscus tear ! I honestly thought that my career as a soccer player is done! I was so depressed because of that. I currently need a surgery and 9 months of rehabilitation! I know it sucks ! Now thanks to you i wanna get back to play soccer more than ever lol i followed what you said about nutrition and participating with your team and works perfectly that you so much love your videos man keep up the good work

  6. I'd love to see like really cool graphics on this channel cause I feel like it helps with attracting people to watch content, I always watch your videos and share them but I always feel like I'd be cool to have really cool graphics and a logo or something

  7. Wish you posted this a month ago when I had surgery for a torn meniscus in my knee. I've given up on recovering and getting back on the field. Especially now that the soccer season is over and it's winter and soccer is done, I stopped caring about my knee and I feel so defeated right now. I've skipped every single one of my physical therapy sessions and I doubt my knee is gonna heal properly now. And before I tore my meniscus, I already had a problem with my knee where I couldn't bend my knee too much or else it felt like I was ripping the muscle on my knee in half. It's been 3 months and I had surgery and that problem still exists. But this video kinda wants me to start going to my physical therapy sessions now and start rehabilitating and getting better. But idk, I still feel so defeated that I don't want to care anymore.

  8. Thank you so much for all your advice about the beautiful game. You have inspired me to become a better soccer player. I recently tried out for a state level team, and with your help I was successfully chosen. Keep producing videos!

  9. you always have great videos very detailed I'm planning on coaching some little ones and tips or drills you recommend for u6/u8 kids of you can make a video that would be great thanks a lot keep up the good work

  10. hey Dylan is it true if you break your arm three times the doctors will cut you hand and replace it with an robot arm? please reply

  11. I love these videos but I can't maintain my attention span after 3 minutes staring at your face. You should either keep the videos shorter or include other clips/pictures.

  12. Thank you so much for this video. I have torn my meniscus 3 times in the last 2 years so it's been really hard for me watching all my friends play. Thank you for all this advice

  13. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks 1000 more thanks you have helped me so so so Much i had Got in to a bad form a very bad form i couldnt make good passes i couldnt hold on to the Ball for long enough and i was To inpatient on the Ball and i watched youre bad form video and the training aften i played not good but alright i was patient and Call on the Ball and my passes Were decent it went the same the training after ( i am played right/left winger) i was bossing it Helping out good defensive and attacking made good crosses,skills,passes i was involved i just played AS i used to play thanks to you WHO Would know how bad i Would have played if it wasnt for you keep up the good work

  14. This video was made euston time:) I injured my toe yesterday and it is really hard to even walk do you think it is a serious injury? How long do I need to stay away from the field ? Its really painful not being able to play soccer…

  15. Thanks for that ACL example. My ACL is messed up and I need surgery. So, it helps to know that I have to make it stronger and not rest too much.

  16. I am have a injury right now, and I am really depressed and frustrated. I haven`t really thought of what I have putten into my body lately, and I haven`t trained for a while (still waiting on answers for what is causing my injury). But after watching this video I have gotten the motivation to start training the things I can and eating healthier food, thanks man!

  17. Got surgery for a meniscus tear recently oct 5th and I'm coming back and I'm feeling way better. This video is certainly helping me very much . Thank you man love your videos , God bless

  18. that was so helpful seriously. I had the same kind of mindset that I'm seeing all my other friends playing good football and practicing and me sitting and watching.. seeing a football match always wants me to get back to field. Although my injury is very minor but sitting on bench and home at evenings sucks.

  19. I landed on my ankle side ways and I was on cast for 2 weeks and 3 weeks recovering but when I played my first match today it hurt a bit but I couldn't play good please reply

  20. hello how are u I have a knee engery and was getting depressed and I like foot ball somuch so much that I can not stay in bed and your vedio helped me alot and my name is ali and I like u so much I dint even know how to play foot ball and after seeing your vedios I was the best player of my teem I hope u will see my comment and if u see it just mention it in your vedio pleas and again thank u

  21. Man had a bad injury on they day this vid was realed 24th nov 2015 broke my fibula due to someone slide tackle me (dirty tackle) had a plate put in thee etc but its a mental thing felt depressed still do wondering about arthritis etc im 19years of age i know i shoudnt be think about that now but theres what ifs going through my mind amd the fact of accepting it when it wasemt your fault. Amy advise on how to feel better mentailty.

  22. Thanks for the motivation
    2 weeks back Ive undergone with my acl reconstruction and now I am not able to bend my knee properly but this video is gona help me in long run to recover

  23. I have a shin fracture atm ,😥😣the thought of not being able to play football again is depressing and it truely is a mental and physical struggle but thx for the great advice. i will take your advice and hope for the best cuz i cant take this any longer and will try and push through it

  24. Hi sir
    Have been under groin injury in almost two years now
    I have relax it for several times , treatment always
    But I'm not still free from it
    Please can you give me tip to be free from it ?

  25. Very Good video, unfortunately not all coaches in schools who teach varsity teams care so much about the well-being of young athletes. My experience is some coaches don't care if you can't play or your injured. They don't even counsel you about your mentality or encourage you to take the time to heal up. Instead they kept on pushing me to train even during process of healing, and I ended up injuring myself again and the coach just yelled at me not manning up. Injury is like a threshold for all young athletes who had to cross at some point at an early age. It's important for coaches and teachers to guide young people since we're all passionate about certain sports and if we have a dream at an early age, I think its even more important to learn about looking within ourselves and deal with this difficult time.

  26. I have Osgood schalter disease what can I do. I rest too much but when I go again in match i feel pain again in my left knee. Since 2 years

  27. HI brother , i'm gideon,i have 23 years olds and i live in china . Thank you very much for your video , i really love my bro . I have a football passion but i exited to play because somtime i have chest pain and i when to see the docteur after cheaking up the resolt it's sow that i have a pneumonia. which recommendation to you give me ?

  28. From the time when I was 9.
    I keep getting injured. My worst one was 7 months osgud schlater. And in total I have been injured for 2 years.
    I am 13 and 182cm. And I am one of the best players in U15 team. But I keep getting injured😭.

  29. I some advice for everybody who is injured, and that is to cross train. For example you tore your calf muscle. You could do upper body at the gym and maybe a little bit of swimming if it does not aggravate it.

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