SOCCER TIP ~ How to Get Rid of Leg Soreness – Online Soccer Academy

SOCCER TIP ~ How to Get Rid of Leg Soreness – Online Soccer Academy

What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz
former pro and founder of Soccer Academy. Today we are learning how to get rid of leg
soreness. Soccer Training On a side note did you know you can track
your game stats on the Online Soccer Academy? Be sure and create a profile at
to see how many goals you score year! Soccer Coaching Being sore after a hard session is natural.
Soccer Training Drills. Part of being a good pro is managing your body and resting properly.
Best way to remove soreness is by taking an ice bath! Burrrrr… I’m glad we are not doing that
video today! Seriously though if you want to learn how to take an ice bath click here.
Soccer Help. An ice bath is the top way to remove soreness in my opinion. For this video I’m going to teach you how
and why to get your legs up to remove soreness. Soccer Skill. This is for when you are watching
TV, lying in bed, etc and you don’t want to be freezing in an ice bath! Key Point #1 — Get your feet up above your
heart. There are a few ways you can do this. Soccer Drills. Yoga Style — Uuuuuummmmmmmm, Ummmmmmmm TV Watching Style — Mom, the meatloaf!!! Youtubing in Bed Style — Aww those are sweet
freekicks. Kiss me goodnight Ming. These are three basic legs up styles. Soccer
Drill. Feel free to be creative but it’s fairly straight forward. Just get your legs up! Reason being is this will alter the blood
flow to your legs and help move that soreness outta there. Some people say this is a myth.
I’m not a scientist but all I can say is it worked for me when I was a pro, they do it
in yoga and I know other athletes that rest like this with their legs up. Key Point #2 — Do something productive when
you are relaxing. Read a book, watch how to videos, watch pros play soccer/football, do
homework, etc. Soccer Drills for Kids. Key Point #3 –For the couch and bed leg up
styles you can lay with your legs up as long as you’d like but don’t do it for 5 minutes
and expect results. It takes a while. The Yoga pose is pretty intense. Soccer Skills.
I’d do that one for no more then 5-10 minutes depending on your yoga skills! Namaste! If your leg soreness isn’t going away remember
that this is not flip the switch medical advice here. You won’t feel a massive difference
right away but it will help over time. The main point is to take care of your body and
rest. For example if you have a morning game and a night game in the same day. Don’t be
walking around the mall all day when you should be laying in bed with your legs up, resting,
relaxing and hydrating. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
training video. Like, favorite and share this video if you did and don’t forget to Subscribe
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Players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track your progress!
Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? My name is Jared
Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®!

100 thoughts on “SOCCER TIP ~ How to Get Rid of Leg Soreness – Online Soccer Academy

  1. i had soccer tryouts and coach made all of us run 9 laps and the day after i was sore as hell then that same day we went to tryout and he made us run 15 laps!!

  2. I ran around my complex for soccer next year after Christmas (2017) and my legs are sore super bad….. can I have some tips

  3. this really helped thank you very much my calves were hurting when I walk and this helped thanks you've earned a new subscriber thanks๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„

  4. Hi there, I ride a bike for 15,4 km 5 days a week. Also, play soccer but whenever I do play I always feel heavy is there any tips to help with that ?? thanks in advance.

  5. Can someone please answer me. I play soccer and when I've been in for like 10 minutes my legs get heavy and Its hard to run.

  6. I can't tell if this guy is serious or not, but like my legs are killing me after my 2.5 hr flag football tryout so I guess I'll try it.

  7. i just played soccer for like 4 hours and and i serched up how to remove leg sorenes and this is helping so far!๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Lel my sports day is in 20 mins and I'm just sitting in the disabled toilets with my legs on the sink ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Hey not sure if you read this cause this is 2017 now but if you do could this help with my back of my ankle because when I run or try my ankle hurts

  10. You don't wanna get rid if sore becayse it means your growing qnd also if u workout while sore it help i promise

  11. Had practice 2 nights ago and Iโ€™m so sore ๐Ÿ˜ญ i stretched last night but it didnโ€™t really work so let me see if this works

  12. But my daughter has sore legs from to many SHOWERS! And it won't go away…………………..What do I do? Reply to this comment if u know what to do. PPPLLLLZZ
    Edit: Oh and she can't feel her legs…. LITERALLY!

  13. I have volleyball tryouts and in all I have been in tryouts for 15 hours. We have three day tryouts and the first and last day was 6 hours and the second day was 3. And we run a mile everyday. I need this

  14. My stamina feels good during the week when I run and I can do a lot of sprints with good recovery but when I play soccer, my calves feel weak when running with cleats especially when its wet, I feel slower and stiffer, Its not from being sore from running too much, its that the cleats on grass feels hard for me. If we played soccer on a hard ground with normal shoes I would run normal. This happens to me every match and my legs only feel comfortable in the last 30 minutes

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