Soccer Skills – The Top 5 Attacking Soccer Skills Players Need – Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

Soccer Skills – The Top 5 Attacking Soccer Skills Players Need – Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

>>David: Welcome to the video everyone.
Today I’m going to show you five attacking moves that every attack minded player should
know and not only know, but should use in matches.
If you can master these five moves or at least get your ability for each to a greater level,
you’ll be that much more effective in games, just so much more effective in games.
now what I’m going to do, I’ve broken the video down a little.
This intro video, shortly after this intro video, which won’t take much longer I promise,
we’ll get into the footage, I’m going to first show you a slowed down version of the move
so that you can see how the move is done with me explaining how this move is actually performed.
So that way you are not just looking at a video of me doing the move in a fast pace
because that way you might not exactly know what you should, the steps are or how to do
it. So first I want to show you how to actually
do the move. Then I’ll show you it sped up and at the end
of this video I will give you my suggestion on how to improve doing these moves and how
you can practice. I’ll also put that in the description, just
a little practice routine you can do everyday or every other day to improve these moves.
So after saying all that let’s get into it. You’ll find that first I’ll name the move,
I’ll do the slow version then sped version, I actually have some match footage of myself
doing some of these moves in a match. Now before any of you critisize the competition
it was a coed league that I was just playing in for fun, a friend invited me to play a
few games on the team. So it’s not the best competition, but I promise
you if you get good at these moves and you can use it against almost any competition
and many professional players at the highest level use these moves
So let’s get right onto the footage. Alright everyone and now I’m going to show
you how to do the stepover. It’s a very very effective move for any attacking
player in or around the box or on the wing. I’ll show you how to do it slowly and then
I’ll have a clip of me doing it quickly, I even have some game footage to go with it
as well. alright so I’m going to show you how to do
it. Usually when you do it you want to be running
at the defender hitting the ball with the outside of your foot, quickly come over it
and go out the other way. so with the left.
You’ll be running at the defender, time it, left way and that way.
You want to give it a little bit of a lean the way you step.
So if you are using your right foot, you not only want to step over you want to lean so
you’re also selling it with the lean while also stepping that leg.
So if I’m going to do it a little bit faster. I’ll come at you.
It looks like this. Ok?
So with the left same thing. Now it’s very important that although you
should be doing this with speed running at the defender, in the clip I show you you’ll
see a perfect of what I’m about to say, you don’t want to be going full speed at them.
You want to be going at a moderate pace, do your stepover and burst after you’ve done
the stepover, burst right past them. So when you take that little step to fake
i’t going to make them do, while they are kind of off balance like that you want to
just sprint into that space that was just created.
So basically you’ll go up, you’ll do your stepover and then go off, you’ll burst into
space. So it’ll look like this.
I don’t have much space here but I’ll try not to run into a wall.
So you’re going at decent pace then you’ll burst.
Ok? So decent pace then burst.
And that my friends is how you do the stepover. Alright guys now we are going to move onto
one of the most effective moves you can use and the best player in the world currently
Lionel Messi, has mastered this move and it is one of the main reasons that and his great
ball control, along with some other attributes that makes him such a formidable player.
Now the Body Feint looks very simple, but it has to be executed right for it to be effective.
One of the great things about it is that you can do it and keep the ball still under very
good control to set yourself up for your next move or recover.
So the body feint slowed down looks just like this.
This is one you can do while moving or you can do it static or you just do the feint
and throw them off, turn around and do whatever. So let me show just one.
You’re going to lean while putting your foot past it and go the other way.
So coming from this end. Whatever way you want to go.
You lean and go the other way. A little bit faster it looks like this.
Make sure you do your left foot as well. So as you can see, you not only want to kind
of drop your shoulder on the side you want to fake, you also want your foot to go past
the ball like this. So not only is your body feint your lean selling
the move, but it also looks like your foot is going to take the bal.
It looks like you’re going to go like this with the ball.
So try it so that you are knocking your foot past the ball.
Try to get it as close to the ball without touching it, while also concentrating on your
body feint. Let me just do a couple fast ones.
So you can see again game pace. I’m just going to do a few.
So I come in like that. And really sell it, really lean.
Stay on your toes, really lean. Getting ready for your next move.
Ok? Ok everyone I’m going to quickly explain the
chop or the fake shot move. A move that you can see players like Robin
Van Persie doing, Suarez, Eden Hazard. Thierry Henry used it a lot when he was playing
for Arsenal in his prime. And the reason these really great players
use this move is because it’s so effective. Now it’s really effective in and around the
box because you are giving off the illusion that you are going to shoot it, but then turning
it back onto your other foot. So let me show you what it looks like slow.
So basically, if I’m going to fake with my right foot.
I’m going to go at the defender, I’m going to do like a little fake and go to the right.
I want him to almso know that I’m doing it, so that he kinda moves there before me.
So I’m doing it, maybe a bad fake, chopping it, and then I got the shot with my left.
Same with the left say I do like a move.. I like doing a stepover when doing it on my
left because it makes it look like I’m going to do the stepover then shoot.
So I’ll do a stepover, come over here, chop it back to my right and then curl it into
a corner. So here’s what it looks like a little bit
faster. So let’s say I mathews onto my ..
That one wasn’t great but let me try with my left.
Ok guys I’m going to also very quickly break down the maradona, something everyone thinks
is complicated, let’s uncomplicate it. First off you’ll notice that I messed up once
in that video, don’t get frustrated if you mess up during practice.
Just pick your head up and do it again and do it again until you get it right.
So here’s how you do it. I might have to come down here a little bit.
If my opponent is coming from the ball at an angle or if they are kinda facing me and
they are over here, this is perfect because when he come in.
The best thing about a Maradona is as I come around, I’m shielding the ball now.
So the only way he is going to get it is foul me, or just not get it at all if I execute
it right. So this is a move you only really want to
do when a defender is coming at you from an angle.
If he’s straight ahead of you and you turn like this, the ball is exposed to him and
you kinda exposed what kind of move you’re gonna use.
So it looks like this. What I would suggest is knocking it to the
side to draw him at an angle. So if you noticed from the video I was knocking
it the the side first. So knock it to the side the defender is going
to follow. Then I come.
He’s already over here and I spin away and I’m shielding.
Same with the left. Knock it into space.
Touch, touch, shield and go. So again a little bit faster it looks like
this. This one is a little harder to do, but it
can be really really effective. So keep practicing it.
Okay guys I’m going to really quickly show you how to do a stanley mathews.
It’s usually done around the box for shooting or if you’re on the wing and you want to come
back towards the center. So here’s how you do it.
Say I have a defender in front of me. It’s just leaning one way, touch, touch.
Like that. That’s the slowed down version, I’ll do it
slow with my left. Touch, touch then you can shoot.
One more time. Touch, touch then you can shoot.
This is how it looks fast. Okay everyone thank you for watching the video.
I promise you and I’m one hundred percent sure that if you do these moves daily you’ll
become a much more dynamic player in the attack with your team, improve in practices and you’ll
impress a lot of people and you’ll just get so much better.
In the description below, I have a little training regiment you can follow.
It’s a daily thing you can do. Little practices with the ball doing these
moves that will cause you to become better. You can either follow that or configure one
of your own, it’s up to you. I promise to you that if you stick to the
one I’ve given you, you will within as little as a week, see improvements of your ability
on each of these moves. Alright guys, well thank you for joining me
today. Please leave a like if this helped you in
any way. Also it would be a big favour to me if you
subscribed because you’ll help me out and you’ll also see upcoming videos on more soccer
tips both for attacking and defensive players along with much more great soccer content
for any soccer player of any level. I look forward to the next video and thanks
for tuning in.

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