Soccer Skills: Ronaldo Stepover

Soccer Skills: Ronaldo Stepover

SHIFT + LEFT to rewind 5 seconds or SHIFT
+ SPACE to pause/play Soccer Skills: Ronaldo Stepover is a soccer
move made famous by player’s such as Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, JJ Okocha and Luis
Figo, famous former player of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Portugal. The move is usually
referred to as the Ronaldo Stepover or The Okocha. How to do the Ronaldo Stepover:
1. With the soccer ball positioned to the side of the body, use the sole of the foot
to drag the ball across your body. 2. As you drag the ball across your body,
simultaneously step over the ball with the opposite foot. EXPERT TIP:
the Ronaldo stepover is easiest when you use the front part of your sole, just under your
little toes and when you make contact with the outside section of the soccer ball.

2 thoughts on “Soccer Skills: Ronaldo Stepover

  1. I love this soccer move.  Yes it may be a bit flashy but done right can be highly effective in keeping posession of the ball and getting past a defender.

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