Soccer Shooting Skills and Techniques : How to Aim When Shooting a Soccer Ball

Soccer Shooting Skills and Techniques : How to Aim When Shooting a Soccer Ball

Now what I want to talk about is a little
bit about aiming. Now aiming is more one of the advanced things about soccer and when
you’re aiming your shots it’s all about repetition and getting comfortable with the ball and
knowing what the ball is going to do. Basically you have to point your body where you want
the ball to go and what I do when I’m shooting I basically I go up thinking. Okay I want
the ball to go there and so this leg is going to kick and it’s like I’m kicking and I’m
pointing to where I want to go, like that’s where I want to go. If you square your body straight and you think
as you are in straight objects pushing into these angles, you can start breaking it down.
Then you can practice getting the ball in all the different angles and it’s all about
practicing 360 degrees.

98 thoughts on “Soccer Shooting Skills and Techniques : How to Aim When Shooting a Soccer Ball

  1. maybe he should try from a little further.
    and more than once.
    that's what i want you to do.
    that's what i want you to do.

  2. Point your body where you want the ball to go? Oh that's where I've been going wrong. I've been facing away from the goal when shooting. Ah, hell if only I'd known I could've been playing for Barcelona or Juventus by now.

  3. lol he says he was going for the top right corner but he hit the post. you can tell by how he elevate his legs and when he pointed

  4. wow he is a little too close to the goal… and thats also a pretty big goad o.o
    why shoot it up that close… if ur pro u shoulda shoot it from a far distance and acutally show it to us that was -.-

  5. This Is Bullshit Ahaha Its About Follow Through And Where Yoo Kick The Ball And How You Kick The Ball … Coz You Can Point With Yoor Fukin Toes Where Yoo Want It To Go … But If Yoo Hit It With Different Parts Of The Foot With Different Amounts Of Pressure Its Not Neccesary Going There And Probly Wont Even Be Close To Where Yoo Point Yoor Toe !

    And It Seems A Bit Obvious To A Goalie .. Imagine Everyone Did That 😐 Anybody Cud Be A Goalie Coz You Point Where Yoor Going First !

  6. Yes I do I tried playing that rugby ripoff and I didn't understand it. That shit is as confusing as the shape of the ball.

  7. thats stupid because i don't have a sister nor a girlfriend and stop saying these things to boost up your small ass self esteem. We all know u were picked on.

  8. due bad lesson everybody already knows that

    Oh Carlostrana Mexicans are very good soccer player but the problem is they like to showoff
    to much and never pass the ball.

  9. Mexicans?

    Cuartemoc blanco can't even compare to giggs that shit from england is better than the mexican team combined thats how bad mexico suck. How many world cups have u guys one? Where are your stars? How many of your stars go to Europe to play? Very few. Argentina and Brazil is no doubt the best countries in the American continent.

  10. do not listen to this i played soccer for menay years, and already for portuguese under-18 national team…and what he is sayin is not correct

  11. you can learn by practicing,because every playrs have difernt tips of foots, and each one needs to apply a diferent force to that shoot. when is a free kick you oly should kick we you are very confident that that shoot will be a goal. because if you dont belive in yourself you never score that kick, second you should hit the down prt of the ball, like that the ball goes should pass over the defense,hit it to in the outside part because like that the ball you give a big curving.

  12. and finaly you sould aim to the top corners(prefered) but thats not o simple, usually you need lots and lots of work and off course the hability to do it. Professional players spend a lot of hours only training this, c.Ronaldo or Beckham … and you should train the simple things first, like i said soccer borns whit the player, you could develop and become a good player but never to good, but the real artists born with it, and there isnt much thiory in it. its like a natural reaction.

  13. oh my fucking god stop it with the FOOTBALL not soccer shit u call it football we call it soccer its not the end of the world


  15. it doesnt matter where you stand before you kick it. as long as your weak foot is planted squarely next to the ball and you follow through it doesn't matter. Check out how you kick. I guarantee that you run towards the other sideline, make a twist to plant your foot than kick head on. If not, then you have a strange technique that no one but you can really use.


  17. @fleaboy711 LMFAOOO.. sorry but all i said about dis american boy was true..
    im from BRAZIL n here we really r THE LORDS OF SOCCER no one play like us .. we r erything u guys wanna be… so dont say im a fuckin' nerd cuz about soccer we know everything .. dis guy really suck when he shows us his skills in OUR sport .. sorry about dat BITCH.. LOL LOL .. c(.

  18. hahahaa made me lolz "thaaaats were i wanna go" , comes the shot, epic fail. not even close to the top corner of the goal.

  19. Guys! This dude may look a little funny when he's all like "That's where I want the ball to go! That way" and he may not be the best at teaching but I am sure on the field he probably has some skill!!

  20. @expertvillage Respect Ron Weisberg, for the past year my power shots have looked something like Emile Heskey's power shots, I followed your point and follow with your kicking tip " that's where I wanna go" I aimed a power shot at a tree stump and hit it! Thank you very much for posting this video

  21. He's probably better than most of you guys who are commenting so you can cut out with saying he sucks. This video was probably made to help people like you guys who can't aim, I mean why else would you guys check out this video?

  22. Because I wanted to work on my aiming, I'm not afraid to say that I can't aim where I want, THAT's why I came here.

  23. why so much hate? did he do something to you or what? if you dont have anything nice to say and didnt like this vid, then dont watch it and get out

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