Soccer – Placing the Ball with Accuracy

Soccer – Placing the Ball with Accuracy

Hi, I am Tamir Linhart, owner of Golden Boot Soccer and I am here to teach you how to score goals when you come closer to the goal there is no need to prove too much power placements accuracy is more important
than power the best part of the food to use to
place the bald we’d mall accuracy is the inside of the foot the resent it’s a
bigger surface to flat surface is enough to make contact with the ball they have different ways you can use to
place the vote when you come closer to your target today again i’m going to
teach you only three or four scenarios three or four ways you can do it first one then is just placing the ball with
inside the simplest way few get the ball had this position just rowly to one of
the sides displaces you want to try to came beside that that’d be the easiest way keeper usually
will not be able to next one you want to add a little bit of
a fake when you get the ball around here you
can fake powershot when you fake a powershot keeper freezes when they keep
ur frens you can jen played the ball to the side to the side
net he takes time for the keeper to react going to be just like that pretender half-life and place it to the
corner can you want to make the keeper freeze but almost like scanning them with the
polish up next one you can use your hips get the keeper to go one way or at least
lean one way and was there a balance point my heaps one-way people will lose
their balanced and i can play safe the other way the next one same thing really exaggerates your move exaggerate
your aiming casein turning my hips i’ve really take half a second mall to give the people
time to react and then i’d go the other way the next one is the bending shop some of
us coated the batman acute the best player in the world to bend the ball is david beckham most
of us can bend it as well as name but we can all try right when you bend the ball you want to
quotable even angle point you’ll those hunan cake and food fills the target those the corner then one liners this side of your pinky right here it’s been part of the inside of the food but again it’s a it’s a closer to the
upper follow-up apart or the right side of the again you want to plant the food well for a closer to your closer to the bald towards a target you want to hit the side of the bull to create the band and follow through unit then the motion in order to create that if you’re able to megadeth curve you want to try to aim maybe a yard looked too today outside of the gl the keeper will never the able to save
it many of them won’t even try and in the last second the baldwin curve that there was a slight bend thought maybe the vote would go out curve into the goal those are some of the ways you can use to place the ball with a set of the
fourth when you get closer to their goal with more accuracy and precision to watch the other segments and his
video series or for have achieved as almost any other time peak visit monkey
see got cut

100 thoughts on “Soccer – Placing the Ball with Accuracy

  1. This is one of the best drill videos ever, thanks alot i might use this is in the powerleague next year in my first season. the keeper didnt do anything, the coach told here just to stand their

  2. He's from Bulgaria ok.. He's English isn't perfect.. Actually who does speak perfect English? Btw that's funny though but it's a mistake.

  3. It's not that the goal keeper is a girl ( because iwould like to c u go up against solo hope) but that she isn't doing anything and just standing there.

  4. Tell me more about how you guys use an egg-shaped ball whilst using your hands, at least football has a proper name, either call the American shit "Hand-egg" or "American football" or fuck off because all the other countries call soccer football, it's just you guys that call it soccer.

  5. please treply to me i always play at a street soccer place and i commonly use barefoot is ok to kick a curve with a bare pinky toe or will it break?

  6. it will break, I tried Don't try it with bare foot. U can try to hit it with the bone a bit lower from the pinky but it depends what ball u r using.

  7. Hey guys I'm a 16 year old girl who loves soccer. I play for Everton America, please check out my soccer video on my channel … won't be disappointed

  8. different ways you can use toplace the vote when you come closer to your target 0:35 Scanning them with the polish up 1:33, Batman Acute 2:23, Human cake an food 2:43, you wan to hit the side of the bull to crate the band 3:07, Megadeth curve 3:18, maybe the vote would go out 3:42.

  9. *You
    And it should be do you go to school, unless you actually mean does he own a school.

  10. open up your body, one of the best players to do this was Thierry Henry when he played for Arsenal.

  11. The word soccer is a colloquial abbreviation of association (from assoc.) and first appeared in the 1880s by the English. Oh and Canada and Japan call it soccer too.

  12. The name soccer came from England. And not everywhere calls it football. Italians call it calcio. And what HMoreno55 said is pretty stupid. But Why does it matter if we call it soccer and not football? It's the same beautiful game.

  13. It's ok but,you should have tried to make it more real,with a better keeper for example.But thanks,anyways.

    P.S. I think that pinky is the smallest toe,not biggest.

  14. I have coached more male teams than female. The best keeper i have had was a girl on a male team. Women players i have had seem to be more aggressive than male players. Having a mix of players on a team works best for me. Both bring different skills to the team and they learn from each other.

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