Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : Where to Kick the Soccer Ball for Long Passes

Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : Where to Kick the Soccer Ball for Long Passes

So with the regular pass use the inside of
your foot right here. You want to hit the ball right here along its equator think of
it as the globe. For a long pass you want to hit the ball right here around this area
foot it’s more like a shot but the shot is more direct, it’s more blunt and it’s more
about power. I’m going to try using this part of my foot and getting it underneath the equator
like right about here. The
main difference between the long pass and a shot is a long pass you lean back lean your
body back and you want to get under the ball so it gets over the other people.

36 thoughts on “Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : Where to Kick the Soccer Ball for Long Passes

  1. awesome skills…
    i'm surprised wuth the fact that you don´t gett any longer than U.S.A soccer…
    i think teams such benfica, porto madrid manchester, would like a professional with your amazing skills and tecnchnics!!!

    just kidding… you f**** suck…

  2. Take that jersey off, thats a discrase to our futbol team. people thats a terrible form of kicking the ball.

  3. WHAT? are u serious? this guys a joke.. all his videos suck ass, he doesnt show any natural talent at all on any video, to say hes a pro? lmfao. get a grip n face facts hes shit at football

  4. I dont know why people diss this guy, listen to what he is saying. Guys have already told me to do it this way for long passes and shots. Today at the park I met another guy who told me to do it this way and that guy could blast the ball like 70 yards like nothing. A couple of people have already told me that this is the way to do it but I did not listen and kept doing it with the inside of my foot, thats probably why I am still only kicking 30 yards. Strength dont matter, ttechnique does.

  5. everyone has different techniques and the way he plays works for him. everyone plays different style of football.

  6. can't they call it beginnervillage? That would make wayyy more sense lol, I mean seriously so much of this stuff can be figured out by watching like a game or two of football and just messing around for hours with a friend, or even alone!

  7. he did not show hot to do a through pass.. for that, you have to bend the ball and put some spin on the ball. It will make the striker to get the ball easier..

    correct me if I'm wrong

  8. Okay I know you mean well but if your going to do a tutorial on how to do something at least put effort, this is ridiculous. A ten year old kid can kick the ball in the back of the net and say its a long pass. Nice try but this has got to be improve big time.

  9. thank you for this! it really taught me an important lesson! i've always had problems with long balls and passes, just because i used to hit the ball with my toes. logically if u hit the ball with your toes under it and sort of sweep it so it goes far and high. no wonder it never worked, and my toes used to hurt so much after practicing long balls. but now i know where on the foot to strike it

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