Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : How to Pass a Soccer Ball

Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : How to Pass a Soccer Ball

Now what I want to talk about is passing.
Passing the ball is actually the most important part of soccer. It’s getting the ball to your
other players it’s feeding the whole field. So the best way to pass and short passes is
using the inside of your foot now a lot of people start out and they do it what I call
the hockey foot. The hockey foot is this (showing) that is not how you kick the ball. Because
all of your power comes from the hinge of the knee so when you come up to the ball you
bring it back hinge and your foot is turned. You hit with the inside of your foot right
here right when you come down so it may look like you’re going to hit it straight on but
you’re really going to hit it a little turn. The hockey kick is slower and less effective
and more awkward.

23 thoughts on “Soccer Passing Skills and Techniques : How to Pass a Soccer Ball

  1. no wonder americans aren't that good in soccer……… there r people like him…….. and hockey kick…. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  2. lol well said. do not learn football from here, make mistakes and then learn from them!!!!!!!!!! thats whats makes you a good player!

  3. Your second pass was better than your first. LOL. If you've seen the maestro Pirlo he does this "hockey kick" sometimes. Its just that you don't know how to do it. Its actually pretty useful when the ball is exactly right under you and theres defenders literally pushing you. So if you do a normal pass, you need to take a extra touch or the pass will go bouncing instead of rolling. In that situation, its best to do the so called "hockey pass" because its a faster release

  4. loooool… 😛 fail of the year xD the second one is the bad one because there is a big chance that you will hit down on it and making the ball bounce.. but i am using both of them 😉 takes many years to master them i can tell 😛 go outside for 1 hour a day.. ½ hour each leg and you will be the next xavi/Iniesta.

  5. Sorry bud, but I think you need soccer lessons yourself!
    You also need to wear cleats and matching clothes for a tutorial. I really hope you have a real job!

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