Soccer Moves: 3 Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

Soccer Moves: 3 Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

Hey guys. This is Matt again from Epic Soccer
Training. I kind of want to take you through basically one of the things that I enjoy the
most which is soccer moves and kind of teach you the ins and outs of how to make them better. I think most people especially in practice,
they’re not really taught to utilize moves as well because they’re just taught to just
do the move and that’s it but really when you think of soccer moves, you have to think
of in terms – it’s kind of like acting because you’re selling a move. You’re selling what’s
called feinting which is moving one way and then exploding the other way. So, one of the first moves that I kind of
want to teach you is basically a beginner move. I want to explain one that’s kind of
a beginner, one that’s an intermediate and then one that’s more of an advanced, intermediate-advanced
I guess. So, the first one is basic inside-outside cuts. So again a cut is just a simple touch across
the body and you want to be working on both feet. Having great coaches growing up, I was
blessed to have to work on my right foot as well even though I’m a lefty and many of you
are probably righties. So again, you want to be able to work on both legs as well. So one of the first ones is just going to
be – let’s just work on the inside cut and so where you’re kind of going across the body
and it’s a quick chop. A lot of people call it chops as well. So again, you’re not kind
of – this is one of those moves you don’t need to sell as much because you don’t want
it to look like you’re coming across the body. You just kind of want to be up and then cut
real quick and then again you just work your way down the field doing that and then also
when you’re doing these cuts, then start working your way to doing outside chops as well and
the outside chop is the same thing. It’s just turning and again you want to have kind of
this 90-degree angle. So if you’re going this way, just cut it quick across his body and
it’s done so quickly where the defender doesn’t really have time to jump out forward or if
they do, you already passed a move because it doesn’t take a whole lot of time before
you’re just doing a quick cut. So again, work on that one and also work on
kind of game speed. You’re turning real quick and you’re exploding out of it. It’s giving
you space from the defender. So the next move I want to take you on is
called the Cruyff which was coined by Johan Cruyff of the Netherlands who was actually
voted – he played from the 60s to the 80s but he was voted European Player of the Century
and I think it was 1999 but he has this move and it’s basically a fake shot and it gets
you open. So you can use this a lot of times in the midfield as well. I mean really anybody
can use it but I played mainly like center mid offense attacking players so I use this
move all the time and especially if you want to get the ball to your dominant foot. So basically the Cruyff is a fake shot so
what you do is you plant your foot – just like you’re shooting but you plant it ahead
of the ball so again so you can see it this way. If the goal is over here and I’m looking
to take a shot, you’re planting ahead and then rolling the ball behind your leg and
really you’re just rolling the ball with just the very – pretty much your toes, just the
ball of your foot and you’re doing it really quick and then touch it out or you can kick
it harder and be open for a shot. But again if you’re doing it from the right
side as well – I will go here. You’re planting ahead and you’re just lightly touching the
ball behind your leg and then you’re going and you can take another shot which is something
that’s really great to get open as well. So again really work on that one and really
work on selling it. Get your arms involved and really look like you’re taking a shot
because ultimately what you want to do with this move as opposed to the chop is you want
to get the defender to jump because when he’s jumping this far, he’s going to have to shift
his whole body weight, take a couple of steps before he can reach out again and again, you
can actually kind of toy around with defenders too because you can fake a shot. He’ll run and then kind of wait and then fake
another one as well and he’s flying all over the place and you look a lot better. So again,
do that one. That’s the Cruyff so really work on that one. Again, it’s just a simple plant.
Touch the ball behind the leg. Touch it out and that’s when you can take your next shot
or drive a long ball across the field to your open player or something like that. The next move is kind of – it’s a stacked
move and a stacked move is kind of where you build a couple of moves on each other. It’s
more of an intermediate-advanced move. You’re learning a lot of these. Like scissors is
one of the best moves that you can do because it’s pretty simple. It looks cool. It’s where
you just step over the ball and touch it with your opposite foot. So again, here, I will show you this one as
well but you’re going. You’re stepping over, over the top of the ball. You’re planting
your foot so that you can take the ball away and again, you can stack this one as well
and you can make it go pretty quick. You can do a double scissors, a triple scissors. If
you see a lot of Brazilian players, that’s something they do and then they explode out
of that. One of the ones that I actually really like
is not doing scissors over and over again. I like players that have to just make a decision
to go one way or the other. So what I like doing is I like going and then I cut behind
the ball. So it looks like I’m doing a scissors because most people are actually used to that. So you go around the ball and then it’s just
a fake behind so looks like you’re going like this. Again, fake and then you take it with
the same foot you started the scissors with. So I will kind of show you this again, if
I’m going this way, and again, it works really, really quickly but it gets defenders on their
heels especially when they’re trying to figure out where you’re going and you’re going at
them pretty fast. So work on that one again. I will show you
sideways. The ball is going this way. I would take my foot around, left foot around and
then I would just fake and plant with my other foot and then just take it with my left and
again, if I was going this way, for the right-footed people, it’s like that and then I take it
around and again, if you’re moving forward, you’re not going to go straight sideways.
You’re going to go more diagonal and get around the defender really quickly. So again, that’s like a single scissors, like
stacked move that I want you to work on as well. Again work on both feet because that’s
important and you want to be able to have your left foot as good as your right and your
right foot as good as your left. So again, you can watch a video below as well
where I explain kind of how I took my skills from being an average player to playing college
soccer on scholarships and playing professionally as well. So you can click that link below or visit Also I’m going to be putting out a lot more videos as well so
go ahead and click the Subscribe button which is somewhere right up here and like the video,
whatever you want, but also leave comments. I’m here to help you guys so not only do I
want you to kind of click the link below to see some tips but I want to help you out.
So if you have any questions on moves or am I doing this right, definitely leave a comment.
I will come by and personally answer them. So I will see you guys in the next video and
I hope you liked it.

99 thoughts on “Soccer Moves: 3 Soccer Moves To Beat A Defender

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  9. I think the most effective move to master is body faints and change of direction. Just copy messi, if you can, lol. My bodyfeint going outside is pretty good but I can't do inside

    ps I like the 3rd move, the bicycle into the fake.

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