Soccer Heading Techniques

Soccer Heading Techniques

Hi guys Michelle here from I’m here with Gabriel. Gabriel is a soccer coach here in Montreal, Canada. If you want training sessions with him all the information is provided below. So today, we’re going to teach you how to do soccer heading techniques. Hope you enjoy.>>Thank you Michelle, we’re going to show you how to head the ball properly First of all, we’re going to go. It’s important if you ask me, you have to head the ball and look at the ball at all times. Don’t close our eyes. Okay? Now, you have to jump, go in front, and be able to jump with both, both feet together. Okay, no one foot both feet, it’s important and use your arms the movement of your arms is going to give you power, it’s going to give you power at the same time.
Okay, so we’re going to go. [soccer heading techniques] [soccer heading techniques] Okay guys. So important again, like I said, don’t close your eyes, keep the eyes open all the time, okay? We go towards the ball and we head it. No closing the eyes you go on again. Okay so that’s key now we’ll try jumping as high as we can with both feet, jump okay, bend your knees again and make sure you use your arms, it’s very important you use your arms. Because that’s going to give you the power to go forward. Okay you attack the ball, you anticipate all the time. You’re actually supposed to be working at it everyday and then you’ll see improvement.>>Those are some great tips Gabriel. So remember to hit the like button and visit our website at Hope you have a great day.
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