Soccer Game Tips : How to Trap a Soccer Ball With Your Foot

Soccer Game Tips : How to Trap a Soccer Ball With Your Foot

Hi. I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to trap a soccer ball using your foot. When trapping a ball with your foot, it’s
very important to keep your ankle locked, your toe up, and your heel down, and cushion
the ball as it comes in. Now you don’t want to just put your foot on the ground, because
doing so will allow the ball to just roll right over your foot, like that. So you want
to make sure that your foot is slightly off the ground with your heel down and your toe
up and your ankle locked. You don’t want your ankle loose, because then the ball can just
go anywhere. You want to keep a firm lock and cushion the ball in as it comes. When
trapping a soccer ball, it’s also very important not to get your foot too high in the air.
As if you do, the ball will roll right under your foot and you’ll lose possession of the
ball. Now when trapping a soccer ball, you want to make sure that you get the ball and
trap it. And keep the ball in front of you. Because if you don’t, the less time you’re
going to have before a defender tries to steal the ball from you. So this is very important
when passing the ball on the field, because when you pass the ball to your teammate, you
want to make sure they control the ball firmly and right in front of them, so you can keep
possession of the ball and keep playing. And that is how you trap a soccer ball.

4 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Trap a Soccer Ball With Your Foot

  1. is it serious?This video is meaning less , u can't learn play football from videos.
    Come on , go out to the street and practice!

  2. @urukaj really? must have been watching a different world cup to me…..from what i saw americas only goal came from our 8th string goalkeeper fumbling it. The USA haven't or never will produce a world class player. FACT. As for the UK, i could list you 1000

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