Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to perform a slide tackle in soccer. A slide tackle in soccer, can be used by any
player on the field, but the most common place where a slide tackle would be performed, would
be by the defenders slide tackling the opposing forwards, keeping them from scoring. Slide
tackles can be formed a couple of different ways. There’s actually a legal way, and an
illegal way to slide tackle. The legal way to slide tackle would be to come in and get
the ball, with your foot, with your cleats facing the other way, and not towards the
ball, in tackling the ball, and not the opponent. Now, an illegal way to slide tackle the ball,
would be come in with your studs up like this, at the ball or at the defender. This is illegal
because it can be very dangerous. As if you catch one of the other players with your cleats
slide tackling, you could injure them severely. Those are the two different ways to perform
slide tackles.

88 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Slide Tackle in Soccer

  1. im probably the best at slide tackling on my team cos ppl on my team sdont wanna be carded! plus i tackle the most in my team. btw my team sucks! im a mid and ive gotta go back for almost the whole game cos our defenders are crap!

  2. this isn't how to slide tackle, this is slide tackle only, u don't even know how to do it properly and u don't even show how to actually slide!

  3. ur right, i play football! and if u wanna check my profile vids, u'll realise ur dumb, i play on wings(defense and midfield)! i also freestyle to improve my touch

  4. hahah why the fuck did u go out head first
    going out with ur legs would be more logical, or even with your body
    lol wtf were u thinking

  5. im sorry, but even if this video was good and explained well, no one will still be able to learn from it, if u dont learn how to do a slide tackle just by playing the game, u will never learn it, and theres a high chance that ur not very good at playing

  6. @ItssDan I think you'll find that you're wrong. It may often be tolerated for the sake of keeping the peace, but studs are inherently dangerous. It depends largely on how close you come to the player (among other things)

  7. You don't know what you're talking about. It depends on a few things – whether the boot was lifted or if Mickey's head was lowered, for one. Heck, it could've been a free kick against Mickey for playing dangerously.

  8. Bolton's Paul Robinson should learn a thing or two off this guy. He did the illegal way of the slide tackle and his foot was 10" off the groud, but he claimed it was a nice clean tackle.

  9. I hate the way the americans think they know football if me and my local team went down we would beat any team in america they just dont have it in them

  10. @violenmaster no if he hits the ball only no matter how he did it
    it is not a foul
    i dont know if u r american or what but thats football everywhere
    seriously there is no place for controversy here lol
    everyon knows that
    but the thing is if u slide with cleats towards the ball and the opponent somehow avoids u getting the ball
    u would risk a booking cuz its a dangerous play probably u would get a yellow card
    but if u do get the ball and the oponent DIED it is not a foul 🙂

  11. If you slide cleats towards, you get either warned, either booked by the ref, no matter if you got the player or not… it's simply dangerous and is not allowed.

  12. @dzukac75 It's not dangerous, name me a player when was injured by a studs up tackle when the player got the ball.

  13. @Konartwist No it doesn't show intent to injure, it shows intent to win the ball. If a player is running directly at you and you have to go to ground to tackle them, how do you without raising your studs? You clearly don't play football or you would realise that they're fine – if you get the ball.

  14. @abtthjh And you really suck at pretending to be a non-american……… first off if u werent trying to act dumb u would notice the name of the video is "Soccer" and if you're going with the other name for it, it is futbol… are dumb lol

  15. Why do people get annoyed when people say soccer instead of football? Soccer is an english word and used to be the name of football lol.

  16. Last words are " those are the two different way of tackling" which means you are also encouraging us to the do illegal tackling hahahah.

  17. @studyboy2007 yeah that guy's stupid. Don't slide in with your knees on the ground, rather slide in with your hips to the ground. Should come naturally.

  18. Americans are good players. Soccer is a great name for futbal futball isnt all about the foot which is why we call it soccer!

  19. I got instant red card from slide tackling. Was lowest player defending, I hit the ball and my tie touched the players feet as i was on the ground sliding forward and she fell next to me. We was running at the same direction. I got instant red and don't still believe I did anything wrong. Can't play for 2 games gg.

  20. Just jump feet down as if you want to break the other guy leg. Works everytime. If the referee complaint stamp his head till he goes in coma while having seizures so that his brain won't remember what happened.

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