Soccer Game Tips : How to Nutmeg a Defender in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Nutmeg a Defender in Soccer

Hi. I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to nutmeg a defender in soccer. A nutmeg, in soccer, is when you push the ball
through a defender’s legs and get the ball on the other side of them. A nutmeg is a high
risk move, but when you pull it off successfully, it can be a really crowd-entertaining move
and can also be a downer for the defender you’re playing against. A nutmeg would generally
work when the defender is running at you full speed. And you run at him and just push the
ball through his legs as he approaches you, and getting the ball on the other side. Doing
this means the defender has already ran past you and you’re good to go and run and attack
at your goal. A nutmeg can also be used to pass the ball through a defender’s legs to
another teammate. If the defender is coming at you full speed and you have another player
on your team on the other side of him, you can just pass the ball right through the defender’s
legs as he approaches you. This is very difficult to do, but if you get the timing right, it’ll
work out and it’ll be a good move. And that is how you nutmeg a defender in soccer.

100 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Nutmeg a Defender in Soccer

  1. i dont know bout you guys but im pretty sure this guys retarted…… how is it easier to " nutmeg" a defender if he is sprinted fullpace straight at you? and we call it a

  2. @AnarchyGuy6 Why do people get upset when people call it soccer? In Australia I tend to call it soccer to prevent confusion with other sports… It's just a word.

    Also we call it a 'Nutty' here… at least where I live….

  3. i quote here 'it could be a bid downer for the defender' but it looks to me like the defender already is a downer 😛

  4. why exactly do you classify it as someone will only nutmeg a defender? what if i wanted to nutmeg a striker or a midfielder? would you guys need to make another video just to show us how to nutmeg one of them?

  5. This literally does not help at all, this is not how to get better at football. Oh yeah, its called football.

  6. @RayzHD You run in a diff direction of the defender and when hes running towards you his leg will be open nutmeg it through=pass or shake

  7. this video is good if they can execute it on the reality of the game but stil they just wanted to help, and share their own ideas on how to play futboll,. i just click the like botton for this vid..

  8. okayy soo to nutmeg a defender i have to put it through his legs …

  9. This guy tries to help and u are all whining…! If u dont like it just dont watch it and make a tutorial if u think u can do it better…!

  10. @stevofitz Yeah, yeah. It's also "Futbol" in central america so you're pronouncing it wrong to them. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! NOT SETTING UP THE CHAIRS NEXT TIME! NOT SETTING UP THE CHAIRS NEXT TIME!

  11. @HeathenousVillian What are you on about.. Chairs? And You spelt it wrong, it aint Futbol.. It's Football.

  12. i am sorry i couldent help but notice all you did was tell us what the move is no shit you have to get the ball under his legs but you never told us how

  13. pls don't insult Americans. We have a lot of sports to play here, and its hard to put 100% focus to football. football is growing here, and dispite foreign ignorance towards american SOCCER, next couple world cups we are going to pose a huge threat to you European teams. get ready

  14. Europeans can barely stay kosher after having one bottle of beer! Just leave it to the people who can actually control themselves and don't use profanity in every sentence!

  15. no defender is gonna stand there …. like durr … ball is coming to me durrr !!! … what should i do?? …. but i guess …. good vid??

  16. 0:35 The defender will have ran past you and you can go and attack your goal.
    That would be an Own Goal.

  17. Actually
    The world's best player is an American
    doesn't matter if it's south america
    it's still America
    p.s legends play at Amerian Leagues
    Henry and all!!

  18. @argon suarez no what you are saying is wrong the best player is from Argentina and Argentina is in south america a Continent and americans are from usa which is in north america these are two different places does not mean it is still america two different cultures completely

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