Soccer Game Tips : How to Kick an Out Swerve in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Kick an Out Swerve in Soccer

Hi. I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to demonstrate
to you on how to kick an out swerve in soccer. In soccer, it’s often needed for your to be
able to kick the ball in order for it to get around players to one of your teammates. An
out swerve is when you kick the ball using the outside of your foot, allowing it to bend
off on an angle. You would use this if you had a defender in front of you and you needed
the ball to get around them, or if the goalkeeper was at such an angle that you needed to get
around him to score a goal. When kicking an out swerve in soccer, your plant foot should
be a little wider than it would be if you were striking the ball normally. You want
your plant foot to be wider, because it will allow for your kicking foot to come through
on the outside of the ball. With your plant foot that wide, you strike the ball with the
outside of your right foot, causing it to bend off on an angle. Again I’ll show you.
Your plant foot is a little wider, and your foot comes through on the outside of the ball.
And these are just the basics on how to kick an out swerve in soccer.

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  1. its hard to master at 1st but gets easier in time ive been practising it for weeks, at 1st its incredibly hard and id suggest putting an object infront of u and trying to get round it while moving the ball pacefully and trying different angles then move on to longer distances and tighter angles , its pretty awesome i use it all the time now ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I'm not sure, but I doubt it since I mean it is completely different then a curve. It's easy to curve the ball, but to put a bend in it, like a trivela does, is hard.

  3. Look, Roberto Carlos's shot is a trivela but with more power than Quaresma's, the different thing is, where the hit the ball(Carlos hits it in the middle and Quaresma does an "out sweve like the guy in the vid calls it but with much more technique)..

  4. fuck off yanks, this game is called football, cause you play with your feet obviously, not like american football when you barely use your feet

  5. Yeah you damn right…but the americans have no idea of football:D They are just a few idiots who canยดt handle a football

    Ein Leben lang grรผn weiss

    greets from GERMANY!

  6. even doh soccer is not a american team they till beat countryz like mexico gay as salvador that soccer soposly they play more but they suck on it

  7. we're american dumbass, so we'll call it soccer not football, it's like saying it in a different language. Stop being ignorant, im sure you know Americans call it soccer.

  8. ya but ye don't speak english in norway, its still football but in a different language. In america they speak English but instead call it soccer becaus they made up some other dumb sport called football

  9. Majority of us know that, but since American Football is more popular here in the U.S than in Europe, we have to call it Soccer.

    I wish it was Football, then American Football was called Handball lol

  10. Yea i know, But people were discussing if it's football or soccer in Europe or something. It's spelled Futbol. lol

  11. Okay good comeback. You just made yourself look like a complete dipshit. I got the "spelling" correctly. It just depends on where you live how you spell it. Think about that noob…. wow. You really just called me a noob. What a dumbfuck

  12. I used to know how to swerve a ball but then I stoped playing for a while and I coundnt do It anymore

    Thx that was a big help:D

  13. or if the goal keeper is in such an angel so u need the ball to get around them to score a goal. and then u show such a stupid example someone just kicking a ball into a goal where there is no goalkeeper. it wasent even that angel.

  14. @AllStarDeal79 Haha thats pretty good but i think we americans call it football is to get it popularity

  15. I think our American football should be called oblong ball. I hate being hated on because I have to call football soccer.

  16. The Japanese… They created the game and called it soccer in the first place. The brits stole it and changed the name.

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