Soccer Game Tips : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Soccer Game Tips : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to show
you how to kick a soccer ball. When kicking a soccer ball, it’s very important to remember
that you need to be a good distance away from the ball. Your plant foot needs to be close
to the ball, but not too close, and it can’t be too far away. If you’re too far away, you’re
going to be reaching for the ball, and it’s often going to come off the outside of your
foot, and go off to the right, if you’re right-footed. So, when you keep your plant foot close to
the ball, it gives you more balance, and it’ll give you more control over where the ball
goes, so you can be more accurate. Also, when kicking a soccer ball, if you lean back too
far, the ball is often going to come up in the air. This could be good if you’re defending,
trying to clear a ball from danger, but it can also be bad if you’re shooting. If you’re
shooting a soccer ball and you lean back too far, it’s often going to go over the goal,
and out for a goal kick. These are just some tips on how to kick a soccer ball.

38 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

  1. can a good soccer plyaer pls tell me how to kick a soccer ball. my kicks are not going high or far and its gettin frustratting, expertvillage is barely helpin someone pls tell me how to kick high and far

  2. I'm a boy and I have trouble kicking balls.
    When I kick, the ball doesn't fly high and it just rolls on the ground. And, do I use my laces or wing/front SIDE of my soccer shoe to kick?

  3. sorry for the late reply but im a boy ive played soccer for over 7 years and im a forward well the first thing that u do is to hit the ball i dont know how to say this but i wil make a movie where it says and i will send it to u ok?

  4. he didnt say how to kick a soccer ball all he did was say a couple things on what not to do. he's like a fricken yoda

  5. @meg4magnum well if your gonna talk trash on how americans say words than get off of youtube. [american website].

  6. @meg4magnum dude thats bullshit and you know it. soccer is the most famous sport. compare this. people at the superbowl stadium compared to the people at the fifa stadiums. dont say no im wrong, soccer has become the most famous sport in the planet. there is no excuse on how any sport is better. in opinion it is but in the WORLDS opinion, soccer is better

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