Soccer Game Tips : How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Soccer Game Tips : How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to juggle a soccer ball. Juggling a soccer ball takes coordination, balance,
and technique. Without the combination of the three, it can be very difficult to juggle
a soccer ball. When juggling a soccer ball, you can use your feet, your thighs, your head,
your chest, or a combination of all of them. When juggling a soccer ball, it’s very important
to keep the ball in close proximity to your body, because the higher or further you kick
the ball away from you, the harder it is to control. Juggling a soccer ball can be very
helpful for playing soccer, to help you with your first touch, your coordination, and your
overall ball skills with the ball. Starting out juggling as a kid, is very important,
because the older you get, the better and more advanced you’ll get at juggling. You
can do things like juggling with a partner, or do more advanced tricks by yourself. Juggling
in a game would not necessarily be used all the time, but being able to juggle in practice,
can help you develop skills that are very important for playing games, and that’s how
you juggle a soccer ball.

100 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

  1. it doesnt matter … juggling is not important on the pitch … its just a lil exercise to become a feeling for the ball … just play/practise enough football and you can juggle the ball til you are old and grey 😛

  2. no it's not necessary to start with boots. actually if you can juggle bare feet, then it will be easier with boots. and if you can juggle in sand bare feet, then even better. just practice. that's all i can say. you have to teach yourself how to juggle and that only comes with lots of practice. when i was younger i didn't know how to juggle or curve the ball on a shot or rainbow. but i taught myself and now i'm the best juggler in my area for a goalkeeper.

  3. im 10 and im really good at soccer i would say but i am horrible at juggling i keep on trying but i cant do it, my best is 7

  4. Juggling is all about practice, practice and more practice.

    Don't get discourage, it will be hard at first but keep it up and you will become a good juggler.

    If you practice often (begin by juggling with you feet first), you should be able to become a decent juggler within 6 months.

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  6. i already know i should learn to juggle a soccer ball… thats why im here – so can you teach me in ur next vid?

  7. wtf?! he didnt even say how to juggle a soccer ball and i assumed he was gonna thats y the title is "Soccer Game Tips : How to Juggle a Soccer Ball"

  8. if you put more spin on the ball and just tap it lightly with your laces and keep it at knee to waist level and with practice ull be juggling in no time plus get a hacky-sack it'll make you better than just practicing with the ball alone

    i searched on youtube how to play soccer just to see how stupid the videos are and they are very stupid

  10. LOL! "Hi, my name is bleblabrupbla…" Did they spell his name wrong on the cue cards? Anyway, this was a total waste of air time. I want my 1:06 minutes back.

  11. today im gonna teach you guys how to write your comments.
    writing your comments allows you to express your thoughts and feelings…
    and thats how you write your own comments. ty

  12. hahaha i lolled when he said "and thats how you juggle a soccer ball" he didnt teach anything 😀 haha

  13. @EdOwnz What the heck is there to teach about juggling a ball?

    You kick and practice for a year. I doubt there's a secret trick or technique.

  14. @RJeffTaker There isn't much he can do. He gave a few useful tips, like keeping the ball close to you. I think that's enough; did you expect him to teach you how to use your feet?

  15. dude im soory for all those rude comment they just say its football your a legend were from usa and we call it soccer i think your great

  16. "can help you develop skills that are very important for playing games….-long pause-…And thats how you juggle a soccer ball." O.O….XD

  17. I really liked it but he spent 5 seconds telling u how to juggle the soccer ball and the rest of the video explaining why u should do it.

  18. Keepy-ups? That sounds wierd, I like juggling better.
    And dude, football? seriously? this is an american video.

  19. It's funny because England invented the word "Soccer" then later on decided to call it "football"

    I get football makes more sense, but America didn't come up with the word

  20. Oh and thats why people and all the networks around Australia call it Soccer isn't it
    Because you would totally know about Australia when you don't even live here
    re-evaluate your life thanks

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