Soccer Game Tips : How to Head a Soccer Ball

Soccer Game Tips : How to Head a Soccer Ball

Hi. I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to show
you how to head a soccer ball. In soccer, a lot of the times, you’re required to use
your head in order to pass or even try to score a goal. When you use your head, you’re
supposed to use the front part of your head, your forehead- right here. And one major tip
that I learned when I was a kid was always keep my eyes open and my mouth closed. Keep
my eyes open just so I could see where the ball was going. And my mouth closed just in
case I don’t swallow any bugs. When you’re defending, you want to head the ball up and
away, as high up in the air and as far as you can. So if the ball is coming towards
you, you’d get underneath it and head it out. If you’re trying to score a goal, you want
to try to head the ball down and into a corner, so that it would make it harder for the goalkeeper
to react. When you head the ball, you want your arms up for balance and to protect yourself
as you jump in the air. With your arms up like this, you want to try to pull yourself
forward to create power on the header, to act as if you were pulling yourself through
a window or something like that. And those are just some tips on how to head a soccer

43 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Head a Soccer Ball

  1. for gods sake cant you show it ????
    it like, here is the book son now read it and when finished you will be on the left wing.

    – tips for the videos
    1, show everything from the side, its easier to observe
    2, make sure your spech is clear and well articulated
    3, step by step pictures during the video
    4, show the whole action itself!

  2. lets put it this way yank, in REAL football you predominately use your foot and a circlurlar object known as a ball, now lets combine foot and ball hmm football.

    NOW AMERICAN FOOTBALL, u use mostly hands and a ball that is shaped more like an egg than a ball, lets combine again hand+egg= handegg not football so work that one out yank

  3. the one time i tried that in a game, i broke my nose because i didnt get the ball to my forehead. instead it hit me in the nose and dirt from the ball went into my eyes. lol. thumbs up if headers could hurt if you dont do them correctly.

  4. i never playd soccer in my life but since i watched the world cup it got me interestd in socor i want to play fore my high school what is some stuff i should now before i start playing

  5. @lfcdan09 yeah ! it should be called "football"the "american football" should be called "american handeggball that's great =D

  6. all u guys need to shut up. show some respect. if u think u are good then go make ur own video instead of watching this…

  7. 1st of all when people say soccer o wait football what do they think of …. Spanish people and when think Spanish people they think Mexicans and what do the Mexicans call it ….. o wait soccer

  8. @harleisha the english were the ones who first called it 'soccer', nub. americans were just the people who first utilized the word fully.

  9. @lfcdan09 shut up soccer=football thats what most americans call it what does it even matter they call it soccer because then there would be two sports in america called football

  10. Then rugby should be called hand ball, and american football should be called tackle ball right?
    Soccer not Football!

  11. To the idiot who said football is for pussies amd rugby is for men. You're retarded. Rugby makes you an idiot for not takinf care of dangerous things. Rugby is so gay beyond belief. And it is not attractive.

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