Soccer Game Tips : How to Do Youth Soccer Stretches

Soccer Game Tips : How to Do Youth Soccer Stretches

Hi, I’m Chris Murray, and I’m going to demonstrate
to you, some youth soccer stretches. It’s important for kids to stretch properly before
they play, and learn these fundamentals now, before they get older, because it will become
more and more important to them as they grow up. In soccer, there’s many different injuries
that can occur. Probably the most common one, would be pulled muscles. There’s many different
muscles within the body that need to be stretched, before you start to play. For example, one
simple youth stretch, would be a simple quad stretch, where you just pull up one leg, and
hold it with one arm. Sometimes this is hard, because you don’t have the best balance. A
little trick I learned when I was a kid, was to hold my opposite ear, so if I was stretching
my right quad, I would hold my left ear, in order for me to help keep my balance. Another
simple youth stretch, would just be a regular hamstring stretch. You put your feet together,and
stretch down and touch your toes. Another one would be just a simple calf stretch. A
calf stretch can be done many different ways. You could start with one foot in front of
the other, and you lean forward, onto that one foot in front. Each of these stretches
should be held for about ten seconds, to get a full stretch, and that is just some simple
youth soccer stretches.

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