Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Scissors Move in Soccer

Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Scissors Move in Soccer

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to teach
you how to do a scissors move in soccer. A scissors move in soccer, is also known to
some people as a step over. Now, a step over or a scissors move is very useful, when running
at a defender, and trying to fake them out. The first part in a scissor move, is stepping
up to the ball, and getting your plant foot by the ball, and your other foot to go around
the ball, with the outside of your foot, and step over it, and then take the ball with
your opposite foot, and I’ll show you again. You want to step to the ball with your plant
foot. Go around the outside of the ball with your other foot, and then take the ball with
your other foot. Now, you can also do multiple step overs, or scissor moves, when you can
step over the ball multiple times, in order to fake your defender out. That way he doesn’t
know if you’re going to go left or right, depending on which way you stop, and take
the ball, and that is how to do a scissors move in soccer.

100 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Do a Scissors Move in Soccer

  1. @metalforthemasess ya thats why i hate soccer.. i could totally burn by a defender and then now i have a broken ankle cuz some idiot slid into into me from the side

  2. Also known to some people? It's called a stepover. God i hate Expert Village. I agree with you TheTrendsetter23

  3. I think the best example is when you just shut up and show it! Then replay it slow-mo. Talking doesn't really do sht!

  4. @andkostya i didnt say they didnt. but why dont you consider all the other times premiership teams have dominated the other European teams. What i said is not crap at all but concrete fact you stupid fuck.

  5. @ruideng111 okay but im general european teams dominate over everyone the majority of the time there not perfect but they do have some of the best league teams in the world

  6. @PiMpStEr360

    The trick was invented in Europe, where they were called the scissors, in any European language, in Dutch also known as "scharen" – Later on other countries called it step-overs.

  7. Does it really matter what its called? Soccer or Football, its the same thing,
    Worry about the game, not the name.

  8. They should do a: Soccer Game Tips : Put soccer ball on the shelf and go play baseball, hokey or football.

    Europe football for life!

  9. expert village can't play football or the way you call it "soccer" same as jews can't play footbal….jk jews can but expert village can't

  10. @derrickezra well done, you have successfully identified one incident where that is the case. i was questioend on when a british team has beaten a european team and i answered. so fuck off, read the question and get a grip you little turd

  11. @ruideng111 just to let you know inter beat united last season in champion league and went on to win it. 0_o get your facts straight before you try and dis someone about a sport that you probably don't even know.

  12. @Zimabwerulez lol a sport i dont even know? what the fuck are you on about? and if you look at the date of my comment it is close to 2 years ago. no shit sherlock. i was responding to a comment that i cant even remember now. you dickpiece.

    though as we are on the subject, why dont we just have a look at how many english teams there are in the quarters this year shall we…

  13. @ultrAslan133 i agree on that. Im from the U.S and i really dont understand why we changed the nameof it :/

  14. Guys Soccer is like Football just because you play it with your feet it doesn't mean that it's different to play Soccer. Well it's just the same so just be quiet and just go away. Why are you watching this and the others if you think it's different.

  15. Stupid brits don't know what Soccer is short for.

    Association Football.

    We set our priorities early here in America. Football was/is a bigger deal than Soccer here, so it got the rights to the name.

  16. actually the word soccer was created for this sport to differentiate between rugby, and american football, cuz they were all called football. 100 years later, ppl just went back to calling it football, in england i mean. the rest of the world didnt really have to differentiate between anything else, cuz thats pretty much all we play.

  17. @MrSamRMS Well being american is not a reason. Why changing the name of the sport? as football is an english name and american people speak english…

  18. @ultrAslan133 Theres called Rugby football,Australian football,American football & last but not least association football.

  19. I have viewed all of the Soccer tips from these people…. and u fake English men are dumb… its futbol not football….but if we call it soccer we call it soccer just back off we all have our differences we dont go around going hahaahahhahaah they call it futbol.. no we dont so SH!

  20. Scissors are such a great move to have in your arsenal of tricks. The big thing is you want to have a quick change of speed and acceleration after you make the move. If you aren't quick after you make your move you will just have to end up beating your opponent over and over again and that will get you into trouble quickly.

  21. Soccer is also known has association football. America canada and new zealand calls it soccer while everybody else calls it football or futbol becuase u use ur foot. Now stop arguing.

  22. Ohhh common man! Its soooooo annoying…

    "Its not soccer, its football….."

    Common, just call it like you want…. -.-

  23. never played soccer before and im trying out for my highschools team (which sucks 0-15-1 last year) i hope i make the team. they only scores 4 goals all year and the closet game was a 0-0 tie

  24. What's the point of saying "Its FOOTBALL not SOCCER" The game wasn't made to see who says soccer and who says football, it's about having fun. And yeah ExpertVillage is an American foundation so why the heck watch their videos and comment " It's football not soccer" ?

  25. Never listen to some one who calls soccer "football", football is for tackling and has a different ball.

  26. Im sure you wear tons of stuff so the pain is reduced am i correct? People do get hurt in soccer/football also and we only have shin guards and the occasional use of Cups and mouthguards. We dont wear helmets. Try telling a professional soccer/football player that has been blasted in the face by the ball that "American football is for men that can handle pain"

  27. I love soccer, I'm trying out for a premier team this June, so excited! oh and btw this video is awesome, it really helped me and I can't wait to try using scissors in a game

  28. Just an fyi the term "soccer" is short for what soccer (or football) was originally named "Assocation Football". so the term "soccer" is not wrong to say and it was the British that gave football the name soccer in the first place.

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