Soccer Game Tips : How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Soccer Game Tips : How to Cross a Soccer Ball

Hi, I’m Jyler Noviello, and I’m going to tell
you how to cross the soccer ball. When crossing a soccer ball, it usually occurs when the
ball is out on the wing, and your players are inside the box, towards the goal, and
you’re trying to pick a player out, to try to score. Now, there’s a couple of different
ways you can cross a soccer ball. You can cross the ball on the ground, which would
be using the instep of your foot, and you firmly hit the ball directly across the goal
mouth, or you can hit the ball in the air, which would be using the same part of your
foot, but you want to get under the ball a little more, and get the ball up in the air,
to your player running towards the goal. Now, there’s also a couple of different ways you
can strike the ball. You can strike the ball firmly, or you can strike the ball with a
bend. If you strike the ball firmly, you want to come and hit the ball, with the center
of your laces, and directly knock it across the goal. If you’re actually aiming to pick
out a player, you want to kind of come across the ball more, and hit it in the center, as
the curve the ball, and pick out a player. Those are a couple of different ways to cross
the ball.

75 thoughts on “Soccer Game Tips : How to Cross a Soccer Ball

  1. he could have left it at just "the ball" , not "soccer ball" …we understand obviously its not a rugby ball or an american football, we know …just "the ball"

  2. Basically, kick the ball. Anyone who plays should know the inside of the foot gives more accuracy whereas hitting with the front of your foot gives power.

  3. you know why americans call it soccer? cause the full name is "Association Football" (i know freaky name o.O) so they take the 'soc" of the association and add an -er. some english guy invented the word but england uses the word football for some reason

  4. this vid worked for me! and people down there stop with the yank thing its getting old! and the word soccer came from (ENGLAND!)

  5. @dramuse29 1 of the most silly comments i have ever seen. 1 get more lift on the ball (get your foot under the ball and lean back), 2 use the inside of your foot (or outside) depending on what side you are and finally…..3, ask people like myself from the UK who play it every single day rather than yanks who look like they wouldnt even make it into a British under 12's team.

  6. @eazyduzitcpt can you stop insulting yanks? so what if they can't play football? They have other sports to beat UK. and yes i got that, throw your foot higher. I got it thanks

  7. @dramuse29 lol i spologise for slating the yanks all the time but these videos make me laugh because honestly, this guy wouldn't get into an under12's team in the UK (obvious sarcasm but you see what i mean), but if you do actually want tips on how to play football properly then PM me,i 100% guarentee that my tips will make you a better player, obviously im not pro standard lol but i do have a very high tactical knowledge of football on and off the pitch, dont watch videos like this to learn lol

  8. @eazyduzitcpt although im not an American, It's just sad that people make fun of Americans just because their football/soccer aren't as good as UK and Europeans. Anyway thanks, I'm actually a side back in my school's team. I can play low long passes well, but my ball won't go higher than 2 meters… which is why goalkeepers catch them easily. anyway thanks for your offer, I will PM you if I really need professional's tips. 🙂

  9. @dramuse29 looool like i said im no way near UK pro level lol but i do play county level (UK is made up of about 40 counties if you didnt know), but yeah man PM me if you need any questions answered or good training regimes

  10. @eazyduzitcpt Yes i know UK is not a country, but i didnt know UK consist of 40 countries. I thought it was only Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. And if you're European and you play football, that's definitely what I call Professional level. If you mean BPL or Primera then they're world class players. btw if you're a British or somewhere from UK, what do you think of Asian footballers? Try to be truthful as much as possible because I want to know what's the POV frm Europeans

  11. @dramuse29 lol sorry fam, i didnt say 'countries' i said 'counties', sorta like states in the US, but in the UK obviously…..and to be totally honest with you man i havn't seen alot of asian players because i watch the Barclays Premiership every week, and i don't think there's alot of asians playing in our league, but dont quote me on it lol

  12. i like how there is such anti-Americanism over in the UK in regards to "football". Did anyone bother to watch the World Cup. I believe the "yanks" came out on top of group C.

  13. @MrCodFarther dont even wanna hear it from an english fan who has no respect for any countries team let alone your own…

  14. im sick off al those people saying americans can´t play football, football wasn´t made for picking on eachother. Football is just a game that uniteds every fan or player!

  15. how come in the US we assume all Mexicans are good players? i'm mexican american and i'm tired of being the one on my team that gets ridiculed and mocked for not being the best kid on the team. now i feel like i have to relearn the game .

  16. Actually some people watch this for many reasons, I watch this because two years or so ago, i had damaged my leg, and i ended up quitting my team due to further tests and what not, but now, its good to recall the basics.

  17. @MattGerrard1337 Does it matter if we have or don't have the 3 "world's best clubs" in our country? Okay then, explain to me how to cross a soccer ball…do you use your knee?

  18. Why are all you people who are making fun of Americans for not being well known for being good at soccer even watching this anyway…Obviously to learn how to cross a soccer ball, right? I'm waiting…

  19. @Bernhardinho and im mexican and usa allways beats the hell out of us we won just like 2 times against you

  20. Lol i havnt got anything against America they dont suck at football they have improved quite alot but to say they are better then england is MADDNESS


  22. you seem to be the one the needs to go cry, and btw sidewalk sounds perfectly fine, and before you comment back saying im a fat american, im british.

  23. I think what Europeans don't realize is that the majority of Americas top male athletes play American Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Not soccer. If they did play soccer, the rest of the world would be fucked.

  24. I can't cross, my crosses is more like ground passes. How do you get the ball up in the air. I've tried to put my foot more under the ball but it doesn't work!! HELP ME

  25. The USA have good players, and they are fun to watch. But you are far from being a serious threat for most teams in international football.

    Also, you beat Spain in the fucking confederations cup….If it was the World Cup you would have lost with atleast a 4 goal difference.

  26. Make sure your foot stays under the ball.
    If you kick a ball your foot sometimes rolls over the side of the ball, making it curve. Just keep your foot underneath it.

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