52 thoughts on “Soccer Drills for Beginners : Toe Touch Drill: Beginning Soccer Drill

  1. this just works to get leg stronger

    but this is not usefull

    playing is teh only way you can improve your game

    strength needs workout

  2. "it is helpful because it improve your footwwork and footspeed. and i know that because i'm playing for barcelona U-17 "

    Bullshit you're live in the middle of nowhere, iceland not SPAIN!

  3. Yep.

    And besides, why the hell do you need a toe touch drill? You don't need to improve you toe skills because number 1 thing taught in argentinian and european football is DON'T USE YOUR TOES apparently Americans still do no wonder they suck.

  4. True, a bit boring. Maybe have a voice over on why this exercise is good for a player. Personally, I love this drill cos it increases the speed of movement of my feet. Should alter the exercise a bit by stepping on the ball and roll it slightly towards the other feet.

  5. tendrias q ser de donde eres…oy nomas q pedejadas dices…ajajajajajajaja q ni se entiende lo q escribes ahora cuando hablas..AHORA CUANDO HALBAS..PUTA MADRE AS DE SER UN PENDEJO!!!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

  6. lol i think we get the message 10 seconds in why does he have to carry on ?? prove hes good ? its not hard lets be honest

  7. builds up ur cardio, leg muscles and better fluency so you have good reactions with your left and right foot…

  8. Well with the vast resources the country has (maybe no in this moment) im sorry but they should be a little better, not to mention the quality of the athletes they have

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  10. getting scout for arsenal maybe but am not going to at lke am bear sick and no 1 belives me check me out on youtube

  11. @subscribefori If you have a spare wall, and a soccer ball, a really easy drill is to just hit it lightly against the wall, recieving, and continuing. If not, you can just run around with the ball. May not seem to help, but it really does.

  12. @down2ride People actually made the video to demonstrate how the exercise is done completely, not for people like you to complain about something so trivial.

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  14. Can someone tell me why you call this soccer, because it's football. And why they call a sport they play with their hands is named football?

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