Soccer Dribbling Skills and Techniques : Soccer Ball Dribbling Tricks

Soccer Dribbling Skills and Techniques : Soccer Ball Dribbling Tricks

When I think about making tricks, I think
of putting moves together like there is the roll over then there is the cut and when you
put that together.
Another one I like to think of is your dribbling towards someone you roll it back to yourself,
then you roll it back the other way. So it’s a series of two rolls. There is two cuts back
and forth so it’s like (showing). Another move I like to do on people is when I’m rolling
one way and the defender is right here I reach a point and I just cut it the other way really
fast. It’s just a matter of spinning your hips and bringing the ball with you so it’s
like (showing).

92 thoughts on “Soccer Dribbling Skills and Techniques : Soccer Ball Dribbling Tricks

  1. i did these tricks when 6 years old.
    now i do kakas drag back, ronaldinios dribling tehnices and ronaldos dribling tricks.
    but my idol in football is David Beckham

  2. Are You a soccer player or a coach? None!! Your clip last 1:16 and by the end of it You are out of breath and You don't have any ball control skills. It's like skinie, no muscle personal trainers telling me that they know how I can get big muscle

  3. it's GOOD that it's easy. he's trying to help people learn some misdirection tricks. not everyone can do it.

  4. Who cares? Either make your own tutorial video or shut up about it. What's the sense it cut him down and saying that you're better? No one cares. SHOW us on YouTube if your better.

  5. Its hard to explain how to shoot etc You can either naturally do it or you cant. This lad is trying to show the morons who cant!

  6. i really dont know why people are dissing this video i mean i agree with what toher ppl said that if u dont like it shut up if u think u can do better make a video urself which is completely true. But i did get some good tricks from this gy and toher videos man im gonna impress the soccer ladies with some skills 2morrow HAHAHAHA

  7. lol if you tried to do those skills in a proper football game you would just get taken out/tackled by the opposition and end up looking stupid.

  8. @Narnar34 red coats. wow you absolute penis ha.

    to be fair its pretty poor video.

    im not sayin anything about america or the football. but he doesnt sound like an expert

  9. lol at the haters.. I see xavi & iniesta doing these every week & this guy is showing them becuz they work….not because they are fancy. They seem to fool alot of the professionals. The trick is to execute them at the right time….you don't need to do 16000 rollovers for it to be a good trick..thats just means there is a bigger chance of it going wrong & while you are farting about most of the defenders will be back rendering thew whole thing pointless.

  10. @squeak21992199 it's not the fact that they don't work, because they do. it's the fact that they only work when they're done WELL, and that's not the case here.

  11. @CrzyPirateSurfr you sure those aren't dance moves? i'm pretty sure i was doing the ripping scissor-snake at the club last week.

  12. @TheDarkDiaper i have never heard anybody say, "I just pulled a 360 roulette on your ass!" i heard it's called a 360 jeapordy wheel!! phhh

  13. okayy. ur not very good. well. i could beat. and im 14. i couldve beaten you when i was 11. but try looking at carilho90.

  14. what do you mean FIFA doesn't count FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association, and is all about football or soccer if you want to call it that.

  15. thanks for the tips. great job! dont mind the small petty people who have nothing positive to say. I swear some people come on here and put others down because they have no healthy ways to vent their surpressed anger with life in general

  16. When i think of matching, i think of combinations. Like blue and white. I put on a blue and white Argentina Jersey, then i match it with another color: green shorts

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