Soccer Dribbling Moves : Two Touch Soccer Spin Move

Soccer Dribbling Moves : Two Touch Soccer Spin Move

Now, what I want to talk about is the two
touch spin move. Now, this move was perfected by the greatest player of all time, Maradona.
Diego Maradona, the greatest player that ever comes from Argentina. And, basically what
it is your dribbling forward and the move, the first touch is with your dominant foot
or which ever foot is comfortable. And, basically what you are doing is, your bringing it back
and then with the other foot you stop it and you roll it back the other way. So, its two
rolls. Roll it back. So, I’ll do it again. So, fast it looks like this. And, so when
you have a defender.

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  1. all you "experts" bashing this guy need a life or make their own training videos. This guy isn't claiming to be the best at what he does. He's simply just showing those of us who want to learn some things some tricks. Why are you guys looking at these videos if you're so great anyway?! Keep doing what you're doing bro… I'd put my money on you over these "experts" any day!

  2. Effective move, but only when your opponent really tries to reach the ball, know what I mean? Personally I like to use this move when my opponent reach out on leg, I use the first touch to roll it away from his foot and the second touch to spin around him. So instead of ending up like 90 degress to the side like shown in this vid I like to end up pretty much facing the same way as before the spin

  3. Thailand:
    FIFA ranking 113
    Highest FIFA ranking 43 (September 1998)
    Lowest FIFA ranking 137 (December 2006)

    FIFA ranking 15
    Highest FIFA ranking 4 (April 2006)
    Lowest FIFA ranking 35 (October 1997)

    Even when the US was at its worst, they were still better than Thailand was at its best.

    If you're gonna talk shit about american soccer, come from a country with a better team.

  4. Americans cant play football. they fucing call it soccer

    Fifa ranking 14
    Highest FIFA ranking 5 (june 2004)
    Lowest FIFA ranking 67 (october 1993)

    FIFA ranking 15
    Highest FIFA ranking 4 (April 2006)
    Lowest FIFA ranking 35 (October 1997)

  5. Are you kidding me? You just proved my point, Turkey's current ranking is one above America's, Turkey's highest ranking is below America's highest ranking and Turkey's lowest ranking is far below America's.
    As of May, America has 919 points for their FIFA ranking. Turkey has 923 points. They are neck and neck. Just four points, and Spain has 1729 so its not like 4 points is much at all.

    Good job, you just proved my point.

  6. June 9th, 1993
    US beats England 2-0 in a friendly

    June 29th, 1950
    US beats England 1-0 away at a World Cup qualification match.

    England has 1173 points and ranked 7th by FIFA
    US has 919 points and ranked 15th by FIFA.

    You are only 200 points ahead of the US but you are 700 behind Spain.

  7. You are only ahead by 200 points, that really isn't much.

    Also, April 2006 the US team was ranked 4th, England was ranked 10th.

  8. England has won 6 times & lost only twice, scoring 33 goals & conceded 8 goals. and yes we are higher on fifa rankings, whats your point?

  9. My point is you are only 200 points ahead of the US but you are 700 behind Spain. If you could read you would understand. 200 points is not a lot at all, seeing as the highest ranked team is 700 ahead of you in only seven positions, while the english are ahead of the us by only 200 in seven ranks.

  10. Mabe Maradona did it first but i like calling it THE ZIDAN TRICK cause zidan was the king at doing that trick (in my oppinion)

  11. this is actually pretty hard to do when playing on wet grass because you can't enough grip on the ball. It's really effective if you can pull it off though.

  12. OMG!!! There is nothing wrong with calling the game soccer. It was first known as Association football, which was then abreviated by many to just ASOC for short. And now many refer to it as just Soccer. Some countrys have a different sport already known as football so call it soccer. Americans have American Football so calling it Soccer would help understand which football is being refered to when they use the word football.

  13. The first player I saw doing this move was Carlos Alberto Pintinho when he played for Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) back in the late 70s… In case you're looking to give credit to the right person for doing it first… If someone knows another player that did this on the field before the late 70s, be my guest… Definitely NOT Maradona nor Zidane (however great they may have been)…

  14. absolutley no control over the ball…i think your the one who should be teached… not the one who is teaching

  15. maradona was the greatest, but you all forget to mention the 2nd goal against england. that move is actually called the marseille roulette

  16. althouh it doesnet seem to work when he does it on the feild its effective for a forward with on defender on near the 18 or so when you come out of it shoot ive scored twice so far doing so works pretty well

  17. diego Moradona is not even close to the best player to even live. The best player to ever live is Ronaldo

  18. The only thing Dieho Moradona knows to do is to ude his hands not his feet he is a cheater at "the beautiful game of soccer"

  19. not only Pele is the best but this move was not invented by Maradona. The player thats the best on that move yet not the inventor is Zidane where comes the name "la roulette de Zidane"

  20. In every video the defenders stay like crap……On the pitch i perform this 3 times faster and still there are problems with defenders. So guys please make the videos more realistic so people can learn how to go though defenders and not how to perform the trick

  21. Maradona and Pele are basically interchangeable if you like….they're difficult to compare but Pele had relatively weaker opponents.

  22. Iv'e never watched professional soccer/football before so I can't really say who I think is the best soccer/football player of all time.

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